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This is silly, but everytime I listen to financial news on the radio it induces panic.

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S1ur Tue 16-Sep-08 00:56:51

So they discuss American banks and I am starting to need to calm my breathing fgs!

I know very little about markets really and what I do know I resent with a great whopping chip resting on my shoulder.

However I think I get that the global economy seems troubling Oh YES.
And I have certainly noticed impact on our own family.

But FFS panic triggered by raido broadcasts? I think I need to do our accounts and gain a sense of perspective.

Is anyone else unreasonably worried or should I get a grip? grin

MrsBates Tue 16-Sep-08 01:06:08

I have moments of panic but remind myself the economy fluctuates. It will improve again, although don't know when. Think it's loss of control making you panic. If you had an open fire and logs for the winter and a thriving vegetable patch to feed you all you might feel better. Or maybe you do, in which case turn off the radio and get on with those accounts.

Breathe and have a laugh about something frivolous with some friends.

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