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Info on East Sussex/Surrey please

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pinkmamma Sun 13-Feb-05 07:46:25

We are looking to relocate to East Sussex/Surrey areas. In March we will be spending a week down that way looking at areas and would be grateful for any recommendations/advice. Lockets has kindly suggested Horsham so thats on our list... but thats it so far. We are looking for somewhere with good schools, plenty of green, spend up to around £325k for 3/4 bed pref older house etc. Thanks

Lonelymum Sun 13-Feb-05 08:57:06

Horsham is in West Sussex. Does that matter to you? I only ask because I live on the border between east and west Sussex but in West Sussex. I can tell you about the West but less about the East side.

velcrobott Sun 13-Feb-05 08:59:38

£325 is not going to get you a hell of a lot in that area I am afraid.... Do you need to commute into London?

Lonelymum Sun 13-Feb-05 09:05:20

You would be all right in Horsham. I just went on right move and asked for houses with a minimum of three bedrooms, max price £325K and it came up with over 100 properties!
Our 4 bedroom house is on the market right now for not much more than that and we are quite near to Horsham.

pinkmamma Sun 13-Feb-05 09:09:28

Hi LM, shows how much I know about the area! What is Horsham like?
VB - we have looked at Cheam and Horsham so far on rightmove and there is loads for under 325k!!

pinkmamma Sun 13-Feb-05 09:10:04

... so we will be looking at west sussex too

wheresmyfroggy Sun 13-Feb-05 09:12:37

If you're looking at west sussex too, haywards heath is nice!

velcrobott Sun 13-Feb-05 09:13:04

I guess it depends what you expect
Our house is 285, small and terraced (not particularely charming style wise).... we do have 3 bedroomns but they are not big and it's a small garden.

Lonelymum Sun 13-Feb-05 09:16:07

Horsham is quite nice I think. I don't know the schools but it has all the usual amenities, and reasonable shopping in a nice location (we go there for preference) and is good for the A/M23 and M25 if you are looking to travel to work/go to London/Brighton etc. Rightmove seemed to have loads of new houses on the market and there is some new building going on in the town centre so it is quite an up and coming place. Very close to Gatwick too for those holidays!

If you prefer a more traditional place, Lewes is very popular. Steeped in history and very picturesque.

Can only recommend you do what we did and look up the local schools on Ofsted to read their reports and get a feel for the education hereabouts.

Lonelymum Sun 13-Feb-05 09:18:25

Oh yes, Haywards Heath of course, and Burgess Hill (but that has developed very quickly over recent years - loads of new houses and might not have the schools/amenities to match) All good for the A/M23.

velcrobott Sun 13-Feb-05 09:21:50

Maybe I should sell up and move

Lonelymum Sun 13-Feb-05 09:23:28

Where are you velcrobott? It's ok, you can tell me, I am moving in a week or so!

lockets Sun 13-Feb-05 09:27:00

Message withdrawn

pupuce Sun 13-Feb-05 09:27:53

Near East Grinstead

pupuce Sun 13-Feb-05 09:29:41

Sorry (pressed post too quickly ) I mean you could look near East Grinstead though that is West Sussex... has loads of good schools, not far from Gatwick, good train connection.

lockets Sun 13-Feb-05 09:39:53

Message withdrawn

pinkmamma Sun 13-Feb-05 19:02:57

Thanks all for your suggestions, I've got my list going now of areas to check out. Will no doubt stop at the Springboard in Horsham too as we are taking DS aged 2... cruel mother dragging him round the country!! Thanks again PM

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