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The condoms in the online shopping order story is now on the backpage of Computer Weekly!

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OrmIrian Thu 31-Jul-08 09:00:08

Apparently the error was blamed 'on a new member of staff in the marketing department'.


bristols Thu 31-Jul-08 09:01:23

Link please!

OrmIrian Thu 31-Jul-08 09:16:08

Oooh cann't do that. It's a paper copy on my desk!

Will try to find it later.

TheDevilWearsPrimark Thu 31-Jul-08 09:18:25

I saw this on the register

''Bed balloons''. I love that site.

bristols Thu 31-Jul-08 09:19:17

Oh, I see. I don't know the story at all. Can you fill me in?

bristols Thu 31-Jul-08 09:21:00

Thanks, Devil. Feel fully informed now. LOL

Koshka Thu 31-Jul-08 09:35:13

Was this a mumsnetter?

OrmIrian Thu 31-Jul-08 10:45:58

Yes. I have a feeling that it was.

ranting Thu 31-Jul-08 10:48:46

It wasn't condoms though, it was champagne and strawbs and it was a wind up. Not mentioning any names grin and it wasn't me!

zippitippitoes Thu 31-Jul-08 10:50:49

dont know this story but i once got my order plus 200 cigarettes

i assumed there was some sort of scam whereby they packed items and then took then out before delivcery

i wasnt charged for them

OrmIrian Thu 31-Jul-08 10:53:29

Ah I thought there condoms too hmm

And I know it was a wind up.

ranting Thu 31-Jul-08 10:56:30

There was a newspaper item about a woman and Tesco's condoms in her basket. Someone posted a thread about it a while back, the woman in the photo looked suspiously like Sue out of Brookie (well she did to me).

Janos Thu 31-Jul-08 12:49:39

I got delivered some condoms once by mistake with my online shop!

That was As-duh tho not Tesco.

When I phoned up to report it (cos I'd hate someone else to get my shopping that I'd paid for, IYSWIM) they said "Oh you should just have kept it!"


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