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Ice cream makers

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Katherine Thu 16-Jan-03 16:20:07

DH would like one for his birthday next week. Bit sceptical how much it will get used myself but its what he wants and it could be fun with the kids. Bit disappointed that Argos only seem to have one. Magimix La Glaciere at £39. Wondered if John Lewis might have more choice but would have to go tomorrow to get it in time.

Anyone else used one? Are they duff? Is there a make that anyone would recommend or any that I should avoid? Thanks all.

breeze Thu 16-Jan-03 16:26:06

There is one in the index/littlewoods cat 34.25 phillips. Hope you find one

Melly Thu 16-Jan-03 16:26:32

Katherine, if Argos have one for 39 quid i would maybe give it a go. I've always fancied buying one especially since having dd but the only place I see them is in the Scotts of Stow type catalogues, which I love browsing through thinking to myself, oh that's a good idea etc but then when I see the price....its "bugger that", think i saw one in their latest catalogue for about 400 quid....what a bargain.
Good luck with the ice cream maker if you decide to go for it.

Katherine Thu 16-Jan-03 16:33:11

Mmm. Just had a look on the John Lewis Website. They have a philips one for £35 and then the Magimix one for the same price as argos. Theey did have another one which was £225 which had a built in freezer so you didn't have to pre-freeze the bowl. Think I will definietly get one as the kids love icecream and it will be good to know what is in it. Just a question of which one to buy or are they all pretty much the same?

Katherine Thu 16-Jan-03 16:35:42

Mmm. Just had a look on the John Lewis Website. They have a philips one for £35 and then the Magimix one for the same price as argos. Theey did have another one which was £225 which had a built in freezer so you didn't have to pre-freeze the bowl. Think I will definietly get one as the kids love icecream and it will be good to know what is in it. Just a question of which one to buy or are they all pretty much the same?

Scatterbrain Thu 16-Jan-03 16:37:26

I got an unbranded one from QVC for £20 last year - have used it maybe twice ! Icecream was yummy - but quite a faff - you have to remember to keep the bowl frozen ready for use, and you have to make a custardy thing in advance and chill it before you can start the machine cycle - I think the really posh ones (£400) actually freeze for you so you don't need the frozen bowl thingie.

To be quite honest I wouldn't bother - specially now you can buy such nice icecreams in the shops.

Lindy Thu 16-Jan-03 16:56:26

I agree with scatterbrain - my DH bought me one (at my own request!) a few years ago but I must admit I have NEVER used it - DH did use it himself twice, the instructions are incredibly complicated (or maybe I am thick). Can't remember the name, but in the region of £40.

sml2 Thu 16-Jan-03 18:01:59

Lidl had them for £24 last summer, so maybe they are cheaper in Europe?

bea Thu 16-Jan-03 19:14:15

OOOoo! if your dh is a bit handy in the kitchen and likes cooking i would get one! I have a magimix basic one... Magimix Le Glacier Ice Cream Maker £38 (on the john lewis web site) and i love it to bits, as soon as summer hits the bowl is in the freezer - ready for making tons of chocolate ice cream, i always make a load, stir marshmallow fluff in and crumble cadburys flake in (the best as it doesn't go rock hard! when frozen)... then pot them up in the cream pots i used to make the custard base and pop them in the freezer, admittedly we do have a big chest freezer, so plenty of room for freezing the bowl and numerous pots of ice cream... only prob is, me and dh can quite easily demolish a whole pot in one evening! sigh!
I would go for magimix! definitely! hmmm!! delicious, makes me want to make some now and it's not even summer.... hmmm! might go and put that bowl in the freezer!!!!!

Claireandrich Thu 16-Jan-03 19:53:07

I have the Magimix too and use it loads in the summer, not so much this time of year. I love making the really 'posh' ice creams full of huge chunks of chocolate or the alcoholic ones. This summer I will be able to make DD some nice low sugar versions too.

The ice cream is quite easy to do - it's just like making a custard, then pop it in the machine 'till done.

jasper Thu 16-Jan-03 20:40:45

Question for those of you with the magimix - does it leave quite a lot of very hard frozen stuff all round the bowl which the beater can't quite reach?
I have one and I use it quite a bit but it does waste a lot of the mixture, so I am not sure if mine is just a duff one.
Great for tipping in a carton of Mullerlight yogurt if you are watching your weight.

Claireandrich Thu 16-Jan-03 21:09:54

Jasper - Mine doesn't do this but I do occasionally give it a stir round the edges to stop mixture freezing to the side to much.

Lindy Thu 16-Jan-03 21:12:13

Mine is the magimix one too, I am obviously very thick, can someone give me idiot proof instructions as you are obviously making good use of yours! Thanks in advance.

soothepoo Thu 16-Jan-03 21:54:36

Jasper - I found that having the mixture at room temperature, rather than chilled as the instructions say, stopped it from freezing rock solid onto the sides.

bea Thu 16-Jan-03 22:37:44

i always get the paddles moving before puring in the mixture, as one time i poured all the mixture in and it froze around the edges before the paddles could get turning.... mine has never left mixture round the edges normally!!! much to dh's huge dissappointment!

PamT Fri 17-Jan-03 09:28:24

I've got the magimix one too, got it for christmas last year. I never had freezer space for the bowl so didn't use it much during the summer but I now have another freezer so maybe it will see more use in the summer. We have the added complication that dd is milk intolerant so I have to use soya alternatives when making our ice cream - or she can't have any. I made a lovely 'snowball' ice cream with Advocaat, lemonade, cream and glace cherries. The alcohol content stopped it from setting rock hard in the freezer which was a bonus and it was rather yummy. Most of my attempts have produced poor results though and if we don't manage to eat the whole lot in one go it seems to set like concrete in the freezer. One of my lesser used gadgets, definitely.

Scatterbrain Fri 17-Jan-03 09:44:07

Ah well - now you've inspired me !!!

Anyone got time to post some recipes ?

Thank You !!

star Fri 17-Jan-03 13:20:55

Yum Pam,that sounds deelich.That's one of my fav drinks that is.We got rid of our maker as dh found he could just put a bowl in the freezer instead and stir every 20 mins.The bowl was a lot bigger than the one in the maker so could make more doing it that a way.

Dannie Fri 17-Jan-03 14:24:49

FWIW, the great Delia recommends whisking the icecream after four hours, when it's freezing at the sides but still runny in the middle, then again four hours later. The last lot I made I forgot the second whisk and it was fine. I had an icecream maker with paddles, but it was very ancient and has now stopped working, but I find I manage just as well with an electric whisk (and slightly more room in the cupboard)

Katherine Fri 17-Jan-03 15:55:59

Been shopping in John Lewis and now got Magimix one. DH birthday on Tuesday so should have icecream within next few days and will let you know how it goes. Thanks for all the tips. All recipes welcomed now

susanmt Fri 17-Jan-03 20:18:36

I have the Magimix one too - we use it loads. Current fave is Kiwi/Lemon Sorbet. Puree some kiwis, add a bit or water and sweetener or sugar and some lemon juice. Freeze. MMMMMMMMMmmmmm!
Amounts totally random, I do have a recipie book but never use it.

AliH Sat 18-Jan-03 15:21:17

I have the Magimix too. I got it originally because I have a dp and dd who only like bananas, and not any other fruit. It's the texture rather than the taste. I make all sorts of fruit ice creams which they love.

I agree that you can buy great ice cream, but you can also make brilliant, healthy ice cream for a fraction of the price, on demand.

Recipe note, I always find that the recipes have too much sugar and are a bit sweet. Use fruit to sweeten naturally.

Good luck

jac34 Sat 18-Jan-03 15:30:48

How much milk etc do you need ?? Is it alot cheeper ?? I supose it's agood way of using up any left over fruit in the bowl, all year round.
It sounds great I've never thought of getting one before. I have made sorbet though, with the stirring & putting in the freezer method. Can you make sorbet in an icecream maker ?? And what about frozen youghrt ???

AliH Thu 23-Jan-03 11:13:13

Jac34 - you can make the ice-cream in a couple of different ways - my favourite is the custard base method because it uses eggs, milk, cream and whatever else you want to throw in for flavour. (Sorry, recipe book not to hand for exact amounts)

The ice-cream is really smooth and creamy, like italian ice cream. Sorbets are great in it, and you can make frozen yoghurt too.

Do you know anyone with one that you can borrow for a week to try it out?

Claireandrich Thu 23-Jan-03 20:16:49

Jac34 - How much the ice cream costs depends on what you put in it! If you want a posh one with lots of double cream, chocolate or alcohol, etc. then it is more expensive than your normal shop bought stuff. But, if you compare it with the likes of Hargan Daaz (sp?) or Ben & Jerrys then it's fine. And, yes, you can do sorbet in it.

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