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Running a half marathon?

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Wondermom Mon 24-Jan-05 17:51:03

Is anyone else training for their 1st half marathon? I started in October and have just managed my 1st 4 miles without stopping. Feel quite chuffed but seems SUCH a long way to go!!! Any tips?

Marula Mon 24-Jan-05 17:57:32

Message withdrawn

Leogaela Tue 15-Feb-05 17:11:29

Have a look at the runner's world website. they have some training programs which help to buildup your distance and have training programs for complete beginners and experts.

When are you doing it and which one are you planning to do? Make sure its a flat course unless you are training on hills. REmember, you don't have to run the whole thing, can do a run, walk, run, walk.

Good luck!!!!

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