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What can I do today?! Help me decide!!

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Moomina Sat 15-Jan-05 11:35:32

Quick question - I've got the whole afternoon to myself and need cheering up! What can I do?

Was thinking of popping into London and maybe going to National Portrait Gallery for current photography exhibition - or to the cinema? But not sure that wandering round London on my own in the rain would do much for my cheer-up quotient! Go out in the rain or stay in with a couple of DVDs?

SPARKLER1 Sat 15-Jan-05 11:40:01

If it was me a DVD sounds great, especially if it's pouring down, and a big box of choccies. Thing is though if I stay in I can't avoid looking at housework around me and just usually end up clearing up. Retail therapy is always one of the best things. It's never easy to browse around the shops with the kids are on tow. Have a wonderful afternoon you lucky MN!!

Moomina Sat 15-Jan-05 11:43:35

Exactly, sparkler - I feel the need to 'do' something so maybe getting out of the house would be a good thing! I used to love going to the cinema on my own but am wondering if that's a bit sad on a Saturday afternoon?

MistressMary Sat 15-Jan-05 11:43:41

same situ here, ironing to finish some lunch then a film with a hot mug of tea and some choccie!

SPARKLER1 Sat 15-Jan-05 11:45:00

Retail therapy - go on - you know you want to!!

nikcola Sat 15-Jan-05 11:45:54

no if you want to go to the cinema go ive been on my own loads then u dont have to share the porcorn !!!

SPARKLER1 Sat 15-Jan-05 11:46:48

Oooh I love the nachos with cheese sauce and chilli peppers. Yummy making my mouth water thinking about them......accompanied with a very large diet coke.

SPARKLER1 Sat 15-Jan-05 11:47:21 if course.........never mind the calories in the rest of it

jordylass Sat 15-Jan-05 11:51:32

I often go to the cinema on my own, my soon to be exDP thinks it's a bit odd, but I think its one of the best on your own activites. Going into London sounds lovely though, I used to love doing the galleries when I lived there. I really miss living in London, there was always so much to do.

Moomina Sat 15-Jan-05 11:52:56

Right, you've decided me - cinema it is! Big tub of salty popcorn all to myself and a couple of hours of total self-indulgence... Don't know what I'll see but am going to take myself off up to the west end and see what's on...

Surfermum Sat 15-Jan-05 11:55:19

Enjoy! I'm off to Asda

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