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Chinchilla Fri 11-Oct-02 20:55:44

I went for an interview for 'The Weakest Link' today. It was great, and I really hope that I get on it. This led me to thinking...has anyone actually been on TV???

I once applied for 'Wipeout', when Paul Daniels was still doing it. Although I got through to the final selection stage, I didn't get on. However, as a result of the interview, they asked me to do the pilot for 'The Other Half', which I did. It was really fun, but they changed the format before making the series, so my programme did not get shown. If it had been shown, I would have won a prize, as I was picked as the partner of the man, and I wasn't! Oh well...

Willow2 Fri 11-Oct-02 21:42:05

How on earth do you get on these things?

sobernow Fri 11-Oct-02 21:47:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Chinchilla Sat 12-Oct-02 20:11:23

Willow2 - I just downloaded the application form from the Internet! Sad I know!

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