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holidays - where to take an 8mo in October

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allatsea Sat 07-Sep-02 15:34:29

DH, DD & I are hoping to find some sun in October, without breaking the bank. Can anyone recommend anywhere we can go? Greece, Italy and Portugal appeal, but would like to avoid night club resorts if possible

SofiaAmes Sat 07-Sep-02 21:02:44

allatsea, I don't think any of those places will be sunbathing weather in october. But they will be nice. If you are looking for sunbathing weather, how about florida? You can get really cheap flights at that time of year and once you are there hotel/food etc. is cheap too. And you don't have to worry about drinking the water. Or if you are more adventurous there are great deals to Egypt. But it might be too much hassle with an 8 mo. old. If you are not looking for sunbathing, but just something sunnier than english rain, I can certainly recommend some places in Italy. And it's a great place to travel with kids.

musica Sat 07-Sep-02 21:18:59

How about the channel islands - that's our favourite October getaway. You can even get a sun tan, and it's not too expensive. And it's FAB for kids - there's a big zoo, and beautiful beaches, and is very safe and child-friendly.

allatsea Sat 07-Sep-02 22:43:42

Thanks soafiaAmes and musica, both of those sound worth following up. How easy would it be staying in a hotel with an *mo, would self catering be better?

SofiaAmes Sat 07-Sep-02 23:20:24

At 8 mo. I would say that self-catering is much easier, because at that age you are beyond just milk, but still have to puree everything. Once your child is on to finger foods and doesn't need pureeing anymore (ie around 12 mo.) then a hotel is fine.

karenanne Sun 08-Sep-02 06:33:32

we're off to majorca on the 6th october.weve already been to greece this year in may but are going away with my parents and brother.we got a really good deal and the weathers usually good at that time of year sunny but not too hot.we're going selfcatering my dd is 2 anda 1/2 and we find it easier that way we can give her the foods she likes rather than what a hotelk feeds usmy friends just recently wanted a holiday but werewaiting for their sons passport and actually visited a travel agency on a saturday morning and by 3 oclock in the afternoon were on their flight!!!he's about 8mths old and they had booked that week of work and packed so all they had to do was just pick their luggage up and only cost them 270 for a weeks self catering.
i hope you find something

sammac Sun 08-Sep-02 08:55:50

Allatsea- we're ging to Menorca in October. Weather should be about 70, and suppposed to be a real family resort. Ds will be 10 months by then. We're going self-catering. Plus bonus of a short flight- around 2 1/2 hours- as this will be the first time he's flown. I just asked in the travel agents what they had- we're going with Thomsons. Hope you're lucky

Willow2 Sun 08-Sep-02 19:25:18

Friends of our go to northern Tenerife at around this time - it's a lot nicer than the big resorts which are like Benidorm x 1000

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