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Baby seagull with broken wing

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gess Tue 14-Aug-07 16:21:33

Been hanging around the street for a few days. Is there anything I can do/anyone I can ring. I can't make any sense of the RSPCA website.

expatinscotland Tue 14-Aug-07 16:22:27

Does your council have an agency, perhaps?

Poor soul! You'd have thought a cat or fox would have finished it off.

gess Tue 14-Aug-07 16:26:15

I think its bigger than our cat! It's huge!!

Our council is hopeless. I thought the RSPCA had inspector people who come out and get sick animals (been watching daytime TV) but they keep it quiet on their website! I seem to remember ringing them before when the school I was working in had a squirrel stuck in a room for about a week (it jumped in during a lesson and landed on someone's head ) and they weren't interested.

expatinscotland Tue 14-Aug-07 16:31:07

I'd try that, too.

americantrish Thu 16-Aug-07 13:45:21

not sure if its still around, but phoning a local vet's surgery may help? (they may be able to better tell you who to call.)

marge2 Wed 22-Aug-07 21:44:24

Oh No - Is it still around or dead ?

RSPCA only come out is it's a cruelty case despite what daytime TV would have you believe.

i once called in for a baby goat which was in a field near Heaathrow Airport. Literally only minutes or hours old. It and it's Mum were still covered in blood and birth gore. The Billy goat wasn't letting the baby get anywhere the Mum to suckle. The RSPCA jsut said it was 'nature' and weren't bothered!!

burstingbug Wed 22-Aug-07 21:50:20

You might not get much help with a seagull unfortunately. They seem to be at the very bottom of the list to look after. We tried the rspb, and the vets when sil had a young seagull stuck in her back garden, once 'seagull' was mentioned, that was the end of the conversation pretty much!

CatBert Wed 22-Aug-07 21:54:18

My sister had one with a broken wing in her back yard some years ago. Quite big. Called it Dave. Fed it scraps. It hung around until it got better. Then flew away one day...

womba1 Wed 22-Aug-07 21:58:37

I had a very injured seagull in my back garden a few months ago.It's wing was totally mangled and it couldn't get off the ground. I called the RSPCA and within 2 hours they came out to collect it.
I apologised for wasting their time and they told me never to worry about calling them's their job.

They even called me back to let me know that the bird couldn't be saved and had to be put to sleep.

DoubleBluff Wed 22-Aug-07 21:59:54

Break its neck.
Put it out of its misery.

kitsandbits Wed 22-Aug-07 22:00:33

run it over.

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