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Mouse in the house

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MummyAndSon2000 Wed 09-Oct-19 01:28:15

Hi everyone.
So I think I've just seen a little mouse running loose in my house and I have an extreme phobia of these little things. I've laid a towel down on the floor resting against my bedroom door as I was told that will keep it out (whether that's true or not I have no clue confused)
But I wont be able to sleep tonight if I think it can get into my bedroom 😂
If I keep my bedroom light on will that keep it away? Considering they mainly wonder about at night. Please please help

getwellsoon Thu 10-Oct-19 16:30:23

Bit of bacon on a mousetrap, yes bacon rind because they have to tug in order for the trap to work. However if you can't bear to spiflicate that little mouse i think you can buy more humane traps so that you can catch and release him. Always lay it next to a skirting board as mice always keep to the perimeters of a room I was told by a guy from Rentokil once. I would'nt want him roaming around too long as they can chew through electric wiring and that would cost you a few bob to get repaired.

MummyAndSon2000 Fri 11-Oct-19 13:45:51

@getwellsoon I managed to get it last night thankfully. The only thing I could find in a short space of time was the sticky Matt's. I felt awful but I know if they're left long enough they'll chew through things like u just said or bring their whole family in! Which is just as bad

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