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islaiggle Tue 17-Sep-19 21:28:09

My daughter is an only child, has no family members her age, goes to nursery 1 day a week (due to the cost) parents watch her 3 days and her auntie watches her 1 day while im at work.

Im new to this! So bare with me.

My daughter is 32 months old
Just as she turned 2, she was making noises, no conversation just "uh, uh" and then pointing to what she wanted. HV came out in March of this year, she said that she was concerned due to her speech and that she plays alone "in her own little world" as i recall her saying. So she arranged to come out again in July.

July came, HV came out again... she now names animals, colours, numbers, indicates when she needs the toilet (fully toilet trained before 2 1/2) and tells us using one word commands if she wants a drink etc. Also doesnt play in her "own little world" and has gained a lot of confidence! HV is still not happy because she is still not making full conversations. She says that if theres no full conversations by September/October she needs to see a paediatrician.

I have tried EVERYTHING with my little girl, shes very bright and now communicates much better than what she did in july, i personally feel that she has come a long way and that every child develops differently. I know the HV is doing her job, but whenever she comes for a home visit i feel belittled in my own home, she questions why my daughter has too many toys, etc. Very, very nosey. I am worrying thinking am i doing a good job? Is it my fault as to why she cant communicate like other 2-3 year olds? Is it the HV being picky? What am i doing wrong?

Has anyone ever experienced something like this with their little ones?? If so what worked, what didnt? Help!! Please!!


Hecateh Tue 17-Sep-19 21:37:55

progress I think is a bigger indicator.
I suspect an inexperienced HV. Don't worry - your daughter is obviously progressing - and at a good rate.

allthatmalarkey Tue 17-Sep-19 21:38:03

I've experienced this the other way round. There was a problem and I couldn't see it. From what you're saying I think your little girl is ok, but no bad thing they're keeping an eye. They're not looking for anything you've done. The things she's talking about would be flags for autism, which is beyond your control, but it sounds like your daughter is on track now. Lots of kids don't talk much before three.
If she is not much further on by 3.5 then the HV may be on to something, but my guess is she's just taken a little more time than average and she's making up ground.

allthatmalarkey Tue 17-Sep-19 21:41:05

Whatever the case, it is absolutely not what you have done.

I would say this: if you feel you're trying everything and you're not making much progress, that is how it felt with my son. Which is still not to say you need to be worried, but that the HV is right to
monitor how things go.

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