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MY partner (22f) told me she fancies her boss how should I react!?

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My partner recently and suddenly came out that she fancies her boss, I am and still am upset but not angry more hurt than anything tbh, as she just threw it our there like it should be nothing I really do appreciate her honesty that she feels comfortable telling me these things but I have been trying to get her to understand why I'm hurt and she just still doesn't want to know, we had a few drinks one night and her phone pinged off (we both just check why either our phones ping off just in ase it's work or family) and it was her friend on about some lad at work as it turns out it was about her boss at how good looking he is and she was just throwing it out of the blue to her friend like it wasn't even part of the convo I asked her why and she just played dumb and deleted the messages before saying what messages?! (should I worry more) but before she told me she even fancies her boss she was wanting wild crazy sex too but now she has told me sex life is pretty much dead, I have tried to set the mood but she just uses to good ol I'm tired excuse or I have a headache, I should say it's just not sex but intimacy aswell it just doesn't seem to be there anymore I feel like she is trying to push me away now, should I give up the ghost and let it lie or should I pursue her further and try to get closer to her?

Alicewond Thu 12-Sep-19 02:26:40

It does sound like she’s sleeping with or wanting to with her boss. Walk way

I was hoping that wouldn't be the case we have argued since as you do and she says it's passed i just can't see it suddenly going like that she keeps saying I need to put an effort in myself but like how? I cut my hair shave my beard wear new aftershave hell even pluck my eyebrows yet she doesn't seem to notice and this was before the sudden revaluation and also during what am I supposed to change my whole ideals on life?

Pitterpotter Thu 03-Oct-19 23:12:46

Ask her outright if there is anything going on with someone else And should you be concerned with the recent lack of interest and affection she's showing you. Trust your gut though, if what she says doesn't feel right then yes it's best to walk away unfortunately

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