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I would like to say something x

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vicky2007 Mon 02-Sep-19 20:37:38

We are all adults here. Mothers. Probably tired and stressed, overworked and under appreciated. I think showing each other a bit more kindness could go a long way.

We don't need to be calling other women ugly, ridiculous or stupid over anything.

No matter how we do things or what’s going in in our lives, there's no reason to bring someone else down.

WombleishOfThigh Mon 02-Sep-19 21:04:52

I do agree with you, but we're not all mothers, or even women.

Miljah Mon 02-Sep-19 22:54:47

You're new here, aren't you?.....

Woodlandwitch Mon 02-Sep-19 22:56:31

I agree but I’ve also never heard anyone call anyone else ugly on here.

Rediculous yes, but that’s because there is quite a lot of rediculous posts sometimes

Workinghardeveryday Mon 02-Sep-19 23:07:21

What prompted your comments?

Miljah Mon 02-Sep-19 23:09:05

vicky, I've been on 'ere since it was all fields. I'm talking 2004. There is NO WAY MN could ever be how it was back then, given that there are tens of thousands on here, now, not a few thousand, as back then. We sort of knew each other!

MN is in fact, now, a political force. Politicians and hacks quote us. Our opinion is sought. Most people have at least heard of MN if not recognising the term 'Mumsnetter' as a potential 😉 insult.

It's still amazingly supportive, but way more critical than in was. And so it needed to be, separating itself from what was seen as Netmums ('Net- huns') 'Yor bubz, yor rulz' twattery.

But you have to examine what you're about to post, on which topic, and what the general tone of responses are. There are bitch-gurl gangs, tho MNTowers are far better at shutting them down, these days.

I've been annihilated on here; yet posted much the same a month or two later to much more sympathetic responses! I was in the first instance a bit upset, but soon recognised some IDs, cropping up again and again, as that little bitch you rightly hated, aged 15... but she married Darryl, he cheated on her, but she's 'almost' shift lead at Iceland - aged 38 😂

Apologies to nice shift leaders at Iceland.

Enter at your peril, be prepared for a savaging, but be open to support, understanding, and some hard talking you might need to hear.


Willow2017 Mon 02-Sep-19 23:44:56

Never once seen anyone called 'ugly.
Some people do post ridiculous things if they get called out fair enough.
Sometimes people need to hear something they are avoiding to make them think straight and get out of a situation.

Some people are mean and nasty and crop up regarly just to put people down and talk crap. But out of the multitudes on Mn not everyone is going to be nice just like in RL. And your post isn't going to make them change one iota.

Not all on here are mothers or even women. Maybe you should have spent a bit more time on here and realised that before patronising everyone?
Setting yourself up as the moral police after only 9 posts is asking for a lot of replies you won't like.

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