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Best website for help with driving licence theory test?

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mckenzie Wed 07-Aug-19 15:24:52

DS has failed it twice.
Me thinks I might need to pay for a premium service to help him (I've found one for just £28 which I will consider money well spent if he then passes) although by rights I should just lock him in his room with the Highway Code books and refuse to feed him until he passes grin

WhatHaveIFound Wed 07-Aug-19 15:30:31

DD used the DVLA iPhone app. I think it was around £6. There were lots of practice questions and trial tests. DD practiced until she was consistantly passing the tests on the app before she did her actual test. She found that a lot of motorway questions came up. Passed first time.

WhatHaveIFound Wed 07-Aug-19 15:32:14

I think it's called the DVSA driving theory.

mckenzie Wed 07-Aug-19 23:02:54

Thank you. That’s what DS was using. hmm

lovelyupnorth Wed 07-Aug-19 23:05:35

Both DDs used an app quite cheap. Though not sure the value they both passed first time.

hmwhatsmynameagain Wed 07-Aug-19 23:06:26

I'm with pp, that app worked along white eje hazard perception

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