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Sherbert37 is not Sherbert

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Sherbert37 Wed 25-Jul-07 09:32:57

Slightly alarmed to see Sherbert posting (Madeleine McCann thread). This is not me. I don't do controversy.

KTeePee Wed 25-Jul-07 11:36:15

I just discovered today there is also a KTP!

Magicmayhem Wed 25-Jul-07 11:52:06

I was FunMumm and found there was a mumfun! We never posted on the same threads though..

SaintGeorge Wed 25-Jul-07 12:25:13

So you're not up for a fight with me then Sherbert37

Sherbert37 Wed 25-Jul-07 14:01:47

No - lurking and the occasional post only. It is quite alarming to read something and think "I don't remember writing that".

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