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ASDA home shopping - anyone else had problems?

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LKM Fri 02-Aug-02 12:20:45

Sorry - just have to get this off my chest, but never again!!
They were supposed to deliver by 8pm, but turned up at 11pm!! No apology, just dumped and ran - didn't even leave the receipt. When we unpacked found half the order was missing. Next morning rang to say could they deliver remainder. 5 mins later rang to say couldn't find the house (its not hard, just an ordinary street in London). 2 hours later and they still haven't turned up! What can you do?
Haven't used Sainsbury, but I now think the 5 pounds charged by Tesco for home delivery (vs 3.50 for ASDA) is a great deal - they have always been on time, courteous and able to read a map!

Mopsy Fri 02-Aug-02 12:32:34

I think you should make a hefty complaint, I would ask for a full refund and they should compensate you in some way on top for their useless "service". Your story has certainly put me off!

anoushka Sat 03-Aug-02 07:33:15

i use sainsbury and i have found them great if your shopping is a hour late they refund you your five pounds dilivery charge and i live in south london i am such a fan of it who wants to take a kid shopping you get harrised and come out with out some thing because he being pestering you i have been doing it for about a two years and would never go back to doing it my self you should not have to set up with poor service

Batters Sat 03-Aug-02 09:56:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ScummyMummy Sat 03-Aug-02 10:13:42

Really surprised to hear this. We've only done 2 internet shops with asda- we were attracted by the prices!- but they've both been fine- no problems with anything. We're in Victoria and I think you live quite near us, LKM- is it the Park Royal Asda that they deliver from? If so, I'm disappointed, as my partner and I took quite a shine to the guys who delivered our stuff- they helped us carry it upstairs and were very sweet to our boys! They also arrived well within the time stated for delivery. Hope you manage to get a refund, (though I presume they didn't charge you for any of the stuff they didn't deliver?)

ScummyMummy Mon 05-Aug-02 11:17:25

Just out of interest, do any of you guys who do internet food shops tip the delivery men? As I said below, the men who deliver from Asda are v sweet and, I think, go beyond the call of duty in that they help us carry the stuff upstairs, dodging excited small boys as they go. Realised with a pang of guilt after they left last time that I hadn't even thought about whether a tip was expected, let alone offered one! Do any of you tip, and if so would you mind giving me an idea of how much?

Demented Mon 05-Aug-02 14:55:26

Scummymummy, I live in a second floor flat and don't tip the delivery driver. I do feel guilty at times, especially if they are puffing and panting by the time they arrive at the door. However I feel that £5 (I use Tescos) is enough to pay to have my shopping delivered two miles down the road and I hope Tesco pay them sufficiently. At times I feel I would like to give them a tip, even if it is just a can of beer or something, but I just don't feel it is a habit I would like to start. I am using the service regularly at the moment so may give something towards the end of the year to the driver who visits most regularly (and BTW is the most polite of them all, some of them you would think I had committed the most horrendous crime by living up stairs and ordering my shopping from Tesco Direct). I too would be interested to hear what others have to say, I also wonder if the drivers are allowed to accept tips, does anyone know?

emsiewill Mon 05-Aug-02 15:32:05

I don't know if they're allowed to accept tips, but I have heard (from a friend's dp, who drives for them - Tesco, that is) that they get to keep the stuff that ends up not being claimed (I think it's the stuff that has been given as a substitute, and refused). Actually, thinking about that, surely they're not supposed to, maybe it's a little "perk" that he's invented.
Maybe I should shut up now!

anoushka Mon 05-Aug-02 23:10:38

well you were saying that they used to keep the substitutions that were refused well a little while ago i was having a problem that i would send something back and then look at my credit card statement and see it was not credited back to my card i made a big fuss and suddenly it stopped so i wonder how many people check if the substitutions have been put back onto their card again and the idea of tipping if i lived on the second floor i think i would give a tip it is out of their way as i live in a house i dont have that problem

Bozza Tue 06-Aug-02 10:55:39

Have had problems with the internet side of the Asda delivery service - poor response etc - although this seems better now and also had one or tow things missing occasionally. But have been really pleased with the delivery side - have used them every week since March. Delivery guys are courteous and punctual. Sometimes they ring me at work to ask if they can come early and if DH is home from work I let them. Also sometimes ring up for directions but thats not unusual because we live on a new street which is not on a lot of maps. Never occurred to me to tip either.

Demented Tue 06-Aug-02 12:10:37

Tesco certainly advertise carrying the shopping upstairs as all part of the service. I'm starting to feel guilty now!

SoupDragon Tue 06-Aug-02 13:04:36

I had a BIG argument with Tescos after they substituted Finest vintage champagne for the cheap cava we'd ordered and then didn't refund the money to my credit card. I never return goods with the driver now, I either phone up and complain or take them in on my next visit.

Gracie Tue 06-Aug-02 13:08:50

No need to feel guilty at all as of course it is part of the service. Sainsbury's go up 2 flights to get to us.

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