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What does it mean if a Robin fly's into the house

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Cazzy179 Mon 06-Nov-17 01:04:30

Ook so I know this might sound silly but the other day a Robin flew in the window and flew around the kitchen before flying back out the window... Does anyone know what this means as some say it's a sign of death while others say it's a sign of a loved one that has passed away watching over us

QuestionableMouse Mon 06-Nov-17 01:05:23

It's a sign that a bird got confused and flew into your house.

beepboopbeep Mon 06-Nov-17 01:07:41

What she said hmm

GrockleBocs Mon 06-Nov-17 01:10:11

You had a window open. Or a door. It's open to interpretation

Newyearnewbrain Mon 06-Nov-17 01:24:08

I’m going with window

IvorHughJarrs Mon 06-Nov-17 01:33:14

There is a superstition that a bird coming into the house is a forewarning of a death. There is also superstition that a robin is a spirit of a loved one
However, if you are superstitious you can take heart from the fact that this, apparently, does not apply in November

butitscoold Mon 06-Nov-17 01:42:05

It is nice to believe these superstitions with robins and feathers etc but I just cannot believe that they are/can be true confused

Longdistance Mon 06-Nov-17 01:51:57

My dm had a black bird fly into the kitchen through the back door. My dm chased it out, and was furious. She said to me it’s a sign that someone has died. I was confused but then, not half an hour later the phone rang. My great uncle had passed away.

Don’t know about robins though.

demirose87 Mon 06-Nov-17 02:30:19

The only two times a bird has flown into the house, I've heard of a family death the next day. Probably a coincidence but weird.

demirose87 Mon 06-Nov-17 02:30:21

The only two times a bird has flown into the house, I've heard of a family death the next day. Probably a coincidence but weird.

SantasLittleMonkeyButler Mon 06-Nov-17 02:40:31

A bird flew into my house last year. They were nesting in the eves & a baby bird - presumably learning to fly - got lost & flew through the back door.

Strangely, it’s probably the one year out of the last 6 where someone close to me hasn’t died wink.

Sometimes the bird just gets lost.

HirplesWithHaggis Mon 06-Nov-17 03:02:28

I had a robin fly into my livingroom a couple of years ago. It briefly perched on the top of an open door, assessed that indoors was not it's gig, and flew back to the open window.

Thereby demonstrating that it was much smarter than the many jackdaws I've had fall down my bedroom chimney over the years I've lived here, all of whom have needed to be escorted from the premises, wrapped in a piece of cloth. Quite often, the same bird more than once.

And nobody died.

HirplesWithHaggis Mon 06-Nov-17 03:08:25

By "wrapped in a piece of cloth" I don't mean a shroud! I mean I chuck a towel or piece of clothing on top of the live jackdaw, wrap it and carry it gently outdoors, where I then free it. Hence doing it more than once for the same bird.

And as jackdaws are actually smart, I can tell it's the same bird because the first time it finds itself flapping round my bedroom, it panics and shits everywhere. By the third or more time, it waits, with a resigned look, till I discover it and free it.

Just realised how that could read! grin

marcopront Mon 06-Nov-17 11:40:26

I was on a school trip last week and a monkey came into one of the students’ room. They couldn’t decide whether to take a photo or scream.
What does this mean?

StealthPolarBear Mon 06-Nov-17 11:54:08

Bird poo on your cream sofa

Corneliusmurphy Mon 06-Nov-17 11:58:28

Based on the robin that lives in my mum's garden it probably assumes it owns you, the house and any digestive biscuits on the premises...

Scruffette Mon 06-Nov-17 12:02:38

A Robin flew into my kitchen once, caught sight of my cat and keeled over dead. Of a heart attack I presume.

MirandaWest Mon 06-Nov-17 12:04:42

A bird flew into our house yesterday. Am
Pretty sure this just shows that a bird came into the house.

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