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Calling other civil servants - pension scheme changes - what are you doing?

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Tinker Fri 28-Jun-02 13:10:48

Is anyone else confused/undecided about these new schemes?

Tempted to stay with old one but, since employer is not organising any seminars on this matter, wondered if anyone else wanted to discuss it here.

Copper Fri 28-Jun-02 13:35:40

Have you looked at the calculator on Apparently it shows you'd get under both the new and old schemes(and a mixture of both). There was also an article about it in last Saturday's Guardian, which may be on their website.

My union arranged a seminar and has its own calculator on its own website - is yours doing anything?

Remember that you have to contribute 2% to the new scheme. We were told that the new scheme is better if you die in service leaving young children or a widower. Need second sight!

Copper Fri 28-Jun-02 13:36:50

Actually, I've just realised you asked for a discussion,not information - sorry! I would like to talk it through, but I don't feel I've looked at it thoroughly enough yet.

elwar Fri 28-Jun-02 14:39:33

I've been a bit of an ostrich so far, not really looked at it properly yet. You've prompted me to take a good look over the weekend (oh what fun )

Tinker Fri 28-Jun-02 14:48:34

Just spotted awful typo from before - they're NOT there!

Anyway, glad you're joining us Jan.

Tinker Fri 28-Jun-02 14:50:40

Wrong thread - going mad!

carrieboo Fri 05-Jul-02 22:55:37

As I'm on matternity leave I have not spoken to anyone about it, just had the paper work through the door, but have not had a chance to read it.

Even if I had I probably wouldn't understand it as it was only 2 pages which suggests it was a lot of jargon and not a lot of explanation.

Does some one know enough to explain it to me?. When do we have to decide by?.

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