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Enchanted Wed 12-Jun-02 15:09:14

Ds will be having his 2nd birthday party in July, it will be held at a City Farm. After they have eaten they can go outside and see the animals but what can they do inside? I was thinking of some sort of entertainer, balloon artist or similar. Any ideas of something different , perhaps something creative?????
Oh almost forgot we could only get the room in the morning should I put on more of a brekfast than lunch, fun ideas please!

Azzie Wed 12-Jun-02 15:17:24

Enchanted, will all the children be about the same age as your ds, and will they be mostly boys or girls?

I remember taking my ds to a 2yo party with an entertainer, and although he was very good a lot of the children found him wearing masks quite confusing and scary. Also, the girls watched but the boys just wanted to run around. IMHO with boys of this age probably the best thing to do is to bring along a big box of toy cars etc and let them get on with it!

Enchanted Wed 12-Jun-02 20:30:12

You know Azzie I think you may be right, ds is quite a tear away. It's a mixture of boy's and girls and although a lot of them will be ds age there will be others too. I went to have a look at another city farm today and it's great. They have their parties in the barn with an enclosure of bales of hay and for an extra fee the kids can go on a tour of the farm and pet the animals. I don't suppose an entertainer would be able to hold their attention with all that going on. Thanks!

ZipZapBoing Thu 09-Jul-09 19:37:24

Two is very young, as an entertainer I would never do a party for a group so little because they would definitely be too distracted, wait until there at least 4 is my advice.

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