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How do I find out who owns a bit of land?

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allmytimeonmumsnet Tue 27-Feb-07 18:09:02

There is a plot of land near our home that we would like to try to buy. It is not even agricultural land really as it is steep and overgrown, only a small patch.

How do I go about finding out who it belongs to? I have looked at land registry online but this seems aimed more at houses. I have a map with the plot number/ID on it.

many thanks

whiffywarthog Tue 27-Feb-07 18:57:05

phone the council? speak to the neighbours?

Tortington Tue 27-Feb-07 18:57:52

knock on the door sorry unhelpful

land registry at council?

lulumama Tue 27-Feb-07 18:58:19

land registry

lulumama Tue 27-Feb-07 18:58:34

oops. you have tried that !

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