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Recommendations for a bank loan?

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Bikegirl90 Mon 26-Sep-16 21:26:03

Basically I need to get a bank loan so I can move out of the place I'm in and get a new home (need to go private but minimum payment to get keys round her is £2,000 and I'm in a low paid job, can't afford it straight out) but also need money to re-furnish and decorate, my flat is covered in bed bugs, have fumigated soo many times but it isn't getting rid of the bugs as they are in the block of flats and because I work the council wont sort it out and expect me to keep forking out £90 every month, they are in my kids beds, my sofa is covered in them, near enough everywhere, I work as a care assistant And I am risking spreading them else where, I have taken all recommended precautions to prevent them spreading and constantly buying fumigation kits and covering my house in dettol but they won't go away so now I need to move and start a fresh with everything, need a big bank loan but don't know who is best to go with and is accepting of a medioka credit rating, can anybody help? I don't care about interest rates I just need to get my baby's out of here as they are getting bit.

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