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How do you get signal in a basement flat?

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oxcat1 Wed 21-Sep-16 23:09:02

I am moving tomorrow (aaaggghhhh!) and when I popped round with the agent, I noticed that there was absolutely no phone signal on my mobile. I have an iPhone on Giffgaff, but my friends (samsungs on Vodafone and EE) had nothing either.

How do i get a signal worth having in a lower ground floor flat? I currently have broadband with EE (on a very old and very cheap package, which they have said I can't move hmm), and my mobile is with Giffgaff but scarcely used for calls, and normally not much mobile data as I am generally at home, or sending free texts.

I don't need a landline, nor anything fancy. I just want to be able t access the Internet with my iPad, and receive signal on my mobile. What can I do? I don't even know what I should be googling for.....?

FarsleyLass Thu 22-Sep-16 23:50:24

Ask giffgaff for advice, their forums are very good as well. Btw giffgaff use the o2 network.

GardenGeek Fri 23-Sep-16 00:03:51

Ahhh its a shitter.
I just moved from a basement flat.

There is no solution... except leave phone on sill right next to window to receive signal for calls/ texts but its impossible to have a conversation when its breaking up and with your phone stuck to a window.

You have to go outside or get a landline and ask people to call you back (as its very expensive if you are prone to accidentally having 62 minute phone calls- as even on inclusive packages you have to hang up before 60 minutes).

If you can get your internet sorted you can then use skype/ video calling instead if you want.

Don't worry your friends will understand and work around it with you (mine never minded calling back)

timeforsomethingnewithink Fri 23-Sep-16 00:04:32

You will probably struggle to get signal with any provider. I would get broadband and a mobile contract that allows wifi calling. That was you can still make and receive calls on your mobile in the flat.

Redorangeyellowgreenblue Fri 23-Sep-16 00:08:47

O2 have an app called TuGo which takes calls and texts when you have no phone signal. Might be worth seeing if your network have a similar app xx

Redorangeyellowgreenblue Fri 23-Sep-16 00:14:20

I haven't got o2 so can't help anymore about the app tho smile

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