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Hit by another car (first time in an accident) advice please?

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tropicalstorm Wed 24-Aug-16 15:33:23

I was on my way to work this morning, a main road leading into a city, and stationary in my car in a line of traffic just waiting, when I felt an impact, another car had just driven into the back of me.

I've been driving for less than 2 years and never been involved in anything like this before so I'll describe what I did here, looking for advice about anything I should have done and what should be done next.

I put my hazard warning lights on / switched off the engine and got out. Went to see the other driver who immediately said it was all their fault and described a personal situation that had led to them not being really with it. Other driver immediately asked whether we could sort this out between ourselves at a private garage.

I did not agree to anything as don't know much about cars and said I would need to get advice first. There was a witness so I took his details, he also agreed I was stationary, the other car drove into me, and said to contact him if I need anything, then left.

I took photos of the 2 cars including the licence plate of the other one. The other driver was pointing out bits on the back of my car that to his mind must have been there before he hit me and not caused by his car. However there is some damage to my rear bumper and tow bar probably needs replacing as is bent right in. There was far more damage to the front of his car, caused by my towbar.

I took the other driver's phone number so have that as well as his licence number. I was quite embarrassed to be holding up all the morning rush hour traffic and there were lots of people staring at us.

We parted ways, I drove to work but was shaky and the back of my neck really hurt from when the other car had hit me, so I agreed with my boss I would drive home and rest.

I've since been googling what I should have done and worried I didn't do everything right.

- should I have asked for the other driver's licence and/or given him mine and should I do that now?
- should I have asked for the other driver's insurance details and/or given him mine and should I do that now?
- should I have informed the police and should I do that now?
- should I call my insurance company and tell them, or when the other driver asks that we settle this privately is he suggesting I don't do that?
- should I take my car to a local garage, or would the insurance company want me to take it to a specific one that they choose, and should I carry on driving it in the meantime?

Thanks to anyone who can help - I feel like I should know this stuff! - but they don't cover it on the driving test so just haven't needed to know before.

gamerchick Wed 24-Aug-16 15:36:24

I think you need to inform insurers if you have an accident don't you? It doesn't sound as if you're at fault though.

RoughMagic Wed 24-Aug-16 15:40:40

Yes, it would have made things much easier if you had taken the other drivers insurance details and name. You should always do this after an accident. You don't need to phone the police. It was a minor accident and I'm assuming nobody was drunk/violent or anything like that?

Now phone your insurance provider, give them as much detail as you can and let them sort it out. It's what you pay them for! They will probably require you to take your car to a particular garage.

PolkaHeart Wed 24-Aug-16 15:41:32

If you're injured, you need to report it to the police as its a Personal Injury collision.

You also need to arrange to see your doctor and call your insurance company. You pay them, it's their job to chase the other party etc.

Hope you're not in to much pain cake

specialsubject Wed 24-Aug-16 15:43:54

hope you are ok.

Contact your insurers ASAP, that's what you pay them for. They will deal with it all. Ideally you should have his insurance details, but no matter - you've got his car reg if nothing else. Do not contact him directly, and if he contacts you, refer to your insurers.

it is 100% the other driver's fault, there's no arguing with this one.

RoughMagic Wed 24-Aug-16 15:44:13

The other driver wants to settle privately in order to keep their insurer out of the loop. Otherwise their premiums will likely go up next year because they've made a claim. You don't have to agree to this however. I wouldn't. Seriously, just phone your insurer right now. You don't need to google or stress about this, they will guide you through it. They deal with stuff like this all day, every day!

RoughMagic Wed 24-Aug-16 15:45:44

Oops, sorry OP. Missed the part where you said you were injured. If you wish to make a personal injury claim against the other driver then you need to see a doctor ASAP.

Imnotaslimjim Wed 24-Aug-16 15:49:57

I would not agree to a private arrangement, you don't know what damage your car has suffered.

Pass the details you have onto your insurance. If you think you need to make a personal injury claim (if you're going to have time off work due to neck pain etc) then you need to pop to the GP and have your injuries documented. I was able to claim PI through the insurance (DH was driving and crashed at high speed) so maybe ask your insurance if they can deal with it. That way you don't lose anything to "fees".

tropicalstorm Wed 24-Aug-16 15:58:49

Thank you everyone.

Would the walk in centre be ok do you know, or should it be a GP?
I ask because I called the GP and they said under the Road Traffic Act 1988 they charge £21.30 where the GP is the first medical person you see after an accident. They did say I was welcome to go to the walk in centre instead - that's in the next town.
It seems a lot to charge the person who was not at fault in the accident.

Reading your replies, the guy was being nice but kept trying to get me to agree to stuff, I'm glad I didn't.
Should he have offered his licence/insurance details? - I'll know next time to ask for them even if they are not offered.

The insurance company have me on hold at a standard charge per minute, so it's already costing me, which I'm annoyed about - I don't suppose that's something I can charge to the other driver? I'm a single parent so this sort of thing matters.

Imnotaslimjim Wed 24-Aug-16 16:18:23

The GP charges you to go and ask for pain relief? It shouldn't matter why you are there! It would be easier for the insurance to trace it its at your own GP, though I can't see it being much more difficult for them to trace it at the walk-in.

tropicalstorm Wed 24-Aug-16 16:48:12

I know it seems crazy! - I spoke to the insurance company about the GP cost and they said the walk in centre would be fine, also that they had never heard of this charge either. They referred me to their no win no fee solicitors in case I want to reclaim this money.

I don't know what would happen if I had just turned up at the GP without telling them this in advance - I mean, once sat in the appointment, would I then be forced to pay? Even the GP receptionist said she was suprised, she found it out after going to check and said she had never heard about it before either.

Imnotaslimjim Wed 24-Aug-16 21:38:19

I'm wondering if it's because you're saying you need to see the Dr because of a car accident. It's possible if you went and said "I have whiplash I need pain relief" it would just be documented that you attended. That is all you need for the claim. Also, anything you pay for to do with the injury - taxis because you can't drive, prescription charges for pain relief and even over the counter painkillers. Get receipts as they go in to the claim. I didn't know they used no win no fee though, our insurance claimed the fees separately to the claim.

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