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Really weird stuff kids do in the middle of the night??!

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Wolfqueen92 Fri 19-Aug-16 21:40:40

So my daughter's two. She's autistic, non verbal, doesn't really attempt to communicate etc.
Last night, at three in the morning, she wakes me up screaming, crying, wailing, coughing. Making an absolute racket. She's screaming "mama mama mama" at the top of her lungs and pointing at our light shade. It's pretty much pitch black in the bedroom. She's got a chest infection, so I'm freaking out thinking she's really ill. I vault out my bed and turn the light on. And there's the biggest spider I've ever seen abseiling down a Web from the light shade! The minute I wacked it, she went straight back to sleep! So somehow she woke up, saw the spider in a near pitch black room, made the decision she should do something about it, and figured a way to wake me quickly. All for a child that doesn't communicate with anybody, ever. Freaky! Weird things your kids have done?

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