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Who wants to annihilate My Little Ponies?

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HildegardVonBrixham Mon 07-Mar-16 18:06:41

i hate them with a passion. I've no idea how my 3 year old discovered them or why she chooses them for her treat tv watching. I just watched one with her. The only thing that cheered me up was identifying the baddies early on by the fact one of them was called Double Diamond. He reeked of old fag smoke too.

MyFavouriteClintonisGeorge Mon 07-Mar-16 18:10:23

Not me! It is trippy and squeaky and keeps DD out of mischief.

HildegardVonBrixham Mon 07-Mar-16 18:12:23

But a spin-off from a toy??

Chippednailvarnish Mon 07-Mar-16 18:13:43

I didn't mind them until they morphed into teengirl/pony hybrids.

bloodymaria Mon 07-Mar-16 18:16:13


HildegardVonBrixham Mon 07-Mar-16 18:18:58

Ok. Can I please kill Max and Ruby? Or specifically Ruby? The timbre and pitch of her voice makes me want to self harm. And isn't someone keeping an eye on all the tooth rot they seem to consume. I'm always waiting for a punchline. Or a twist. Or a story. But no. Sometimes my DD insists I only speak to her as if I'm Ruby. Kill me now.

MyFavouriteClintonisGeorge Mon 07-Mar-16 18:19:27

I know, I know.

Like Power Rangers Dino Charge, which I let the DC watch on Saturday mornings. They love it and seem to take it completely seriously and laugh at the absurdity of it at the same time.

Chippednailvarnish Mon 07-Mar-16 18:45:13

My DS (8) has taught himself to play the Dino Charge theme tune on the piano as DD loves it so much. just fucking shoot me now

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