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please help (urgent) paint mugs etc north london

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champs Mon 24-May-04 14:36:50

where? wanna treat ds1 after school

binkie Mon 24-May-04 14:49:29

Don't know how far north you want - ds went to a party at the Clay Cafe in Temple Fortune, loved it - address is something like 120 Monkville Parade NW11 (on that bit of Finchley Road before it joins the North Circular).

Also an Art4Fun in Muswell Hill but I don't know if they do clay painting.

champs Mon 24-May-04 14:51:07


beansprout Mon 24-May-04 17:33:07

There is one in West End Lane in West Hampstead (NW6) I think?!

champs Mon 24-May-04 18:19:40

thanx binkie and beansprout, ds wasn't interested at all!! good job i asked him first!! took him to the park instead.... at least it was free

Kayleigh Mon 24-May-04 18:33:27

there is one in Barnet too on the High Street called The Painted Pot. Might be a bit too far north though !

Kayleigh Mon 24-May-04 18:33:53

sorry champs - just read your last post!

champs Mon 24-May-04 18:38:02

tis ok kayleigh, it good to have a few places for later on... he changes his mind about things and may just want to go at a later date. Thanks.

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