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3 kids in a golf?

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jillamona Thu 07-Jan-16 11:55:44

Just wondering if anyone has any ideas/experience of fitting 3 kids into a VW golf hatchback?? Am expecting baby no 3 in April and have a 4 year old and a 1 year old. Don't see how I will fit 3 car seats in the back and a new car is not an option at the moment! One suggestion a colleague gave me was getting airbag taken from front passenger seat and fitting car seat in the front, is that an option? Or are there any car seat/booster combinations that might work? thanks so much in advance!

Fourormore Thu 07-Jan-16 11:58:19

If the four year old is forward facing, they can go in the front. You don't have to remove the airbag (that's for rear facing seats) but the seat needs to be on the furthest back setting from the dash board.

jillamona Sat 09-Jan-16 21:11:14

thanks so much! yes 4 year old is forward facing that will save me so much hassle if i don't have to remove airbag, thanks for that x

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