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MN please tell me I'm not pregnant .........

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mustthinkofabetterusername Mon 23-Nov-15 22:14:28

Am currently not ttc.
Since birth of first dc am tracking dates of periods etc, so when time comes I know if my cycle is regular etc

Last cycle (day 1) started Mon 9th Nov

DTD Mon 16th Nov (day 8). Had been using the old fashioned barrier method, as didn't want to play around with my hormones using pill etc. Decided not to use condom thinking, sperm only lives for two days.
Woke up in blind panic a few hours later remembering that sperm can live for several days, and that the egg only lives for two days!!!!!!!

I felt myself ovulate Sat 21st Nov (day 13) - pain plus change in vaginal discharge etc

Can't test using home pregnancy test for almost another two weeks. Am despairing of the possibility of conceiving over the last day or so. Could that the little sperm from sex-with-no-condom on day 8 have survived to ovulation of day 13?
Has this scenario resulted in pregnancy for anyone else?
And did you know you were pregnant before testing? (have noticed increased vaginal discharge today. Am querying if it is a sign or I'm reading too much into it?!!)


mustthinkofabetterusername Mon 23-Nov-15 22:15:25

dp telling me not to think about it isn't really helping!!!

NickNacks Mon 23-Nov-15 22:19:02

Slim to none. Unclench.

And use contraception

lexigrey Mon 23-Nov-15 22:21:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Cocacolaandchocolate Mon 23-Nov-15 22:23:06

Hmm, probably not. If you are certain about when you ovulated.

If it helps I get pregnancy paranoid... Right now too.. Even with a coil in. blush

spilttheteaagain Sat 28-Nov-15 08:05:23

Yes. DD is the result of sex 5 days before ovulation and none since. We were horrified. She is now 4 and I have just become pregnant again whilst taking the pill hmm

Good luck OP, I hope it's a panic over nothing!

mustthinkofabetterusername Sat 28-Nov-15 14:59:10

thanks, will post an update on home pg test next week, if I'm not too traumatised by the results! blush

Boleh Sat 28-Nov-15 15:13:52

Sounds like it's a bit late now but if you were in a panic a few hours afterwards you can take the morning after pill for up to 72 hours afterwards and it's available from most pharmacies. Not something you'd want to use to replace regular contraception though.

SoDiana Sat 28-Nov-15 15:17:11

From biology lessons, sperm can live up to 7 days I think. So it's not beyond the realms of possibility! Do you 'feel' pregnant?

mustthinkofabetterusername Sat 28-Nov-15 16:56:30

Unfortunately I do "feel" pregnant (although am open to the possibility of being over sensitive to other bodily functions, given I'm so focussed on am I/am I not pregnant).

Since I ovulated last weekend, I have:
*felt lower abdo pain I believe could be implanation
*general lower abdo cramping, which I think is implanation cramping
*tired, have found myself going to bed earlier (without planning to, I'm usually a night owl)
*for past day and a half have had the feeling/sensation that happens just before your period arrives, as if my uterus is "working" on something (I had this sensation pretty much daily for the first two months of my first pregnancy)
*for the past two nights, really vivid dreams (I don't usually remember any dreams)

feeling shock at what could be! just don't feel in any way ready for dc2, but it could be too late now!!!

TrinityForce Sat 28-Nov-15 17:11:43

Please don't worry flowers worrying itself can cause symptoms of the thing you're worrying about!

(Not joking!)

Good luck whatever the outcome x

Headmelt Sat 28-Nov-15 17:21:02

You could be convincing yourself into a panic. It would be a little early to experience pregnancy symptoms days after conception, usually pregnancy tests don't show bfp until at least 10 dpo. Stressing may delay your period briefly. On the other side of the issue, there was a thread on mn (last week I think) about non hormonal contraceptive options which may give you some ideas to prevent against an anxious wait every month. Basal Temperature Monitoring would be useful in monitoring ov if you want to continue using old fashioned methods but barrier methods such as cap/femidom/condoms seem to be the most common.

Whoknewitcouldbeso Sat 28-Nov-15 17:23:28

It's possible, but unlikely.

mustthinkofabetterusername Tue 01-Dec-15 16:53:08

Four days before period due, will be testing in the morning!!!

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