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Bikini waxing - what actually happens???

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tiktok Wed 01-May-02 09:36:34

I've looked at all the archived stuff on this, but can't find what to really expect when you get one of these. I've tried it myself at home - aaaaargh agony, would never do it again and the result was awful - and shaving is useless as it's just not smooth enough for more than about 2 minutes.

Is it horribly painful and embarrassing? Do you have to take your knickers off and bare all? And will once at the beginning of the summer be enough? Can't decide whether to take the plunge or not, but do quite like the idea of not having any more bother.

Enid Wed 01-May-02 10:18:50

Depends how much you have 'off'. My slightly prudish West Country salon do up to your knicker line, so I always wear my skimpiest pants.

My old London salon did as much as you wanted, you could have it all off if that was your thing. If they do it properly you should be prepared to get into a fairly undignified position (holding leg straight as far back as you can while lying on your back) and don't worry, they've seen it all before!

Regrowth depends on you, about a month I'd say on average. Gently exfoliate after the first week (GENTLY!!) to help prevent ingrowing hairs.

And yes, its as painful as you would expect. Although I've been having it done for so long, I can chat happily throughout.

SueW Wed 01-May-02 13:23:47

I get it done and wouldn't do anything else. Yes, it hurts - like having a plaster torn off but the sting is momentary.

I only got brave enough because I used to get my legs waxed anyway and mentioned to the beautician that I'd been toying with the idea of getting my bikini line done. She offered to do one strip, without charge, to see how I got on. It was fine so we did it.

I wear an old-ish pair of knickers, although it wouldn't matter really. She tucks tissue around the edge of them and asks how far I want to go. I just have it done to swimsuit size - just an ordinary sports style swimsuit. It neatens everything up and definitely makes me more confident about going in the pool.

I've tried depilatory lotions and shaving over the years and this is definitely the best. Lasts about a month as Enid says.

And yes, they've seen it all before. My most nervous moment in a salon came when I had an all-over exfoliation and fake tan. I really was nervous about that but it was fine. I opted to keep my knickers on and towels were placed over my breasts and knickers so I didn't feel exposed.

I had tan applied to my breasts but it was completely non-sexual and I didn't feel at all manhandled. And I aksed both at the beginning and along the way if I wanted this bit done, that bit done, did I want it to go just inside my knicker line on my bum for skimpier undies etc.

Go for it - good luck.

honeybunny Wed 01-May-02 13:53:31

I swear by the home kits (wax strips that you warm in your hands). dh takes great delight in doing my bikini line!! Not that he's perverse or anything? At least I don't think he is!!

Tinker Wed 01-May-02 18:52:27

tiktok - so glad you asked this. Have always wondered just how, er, "intimate" it gets?

What happens in between waxings though? Doesn't it have to grow back a bit before it can be done again?

IDismyname Wed 01-May-02 19:30:26

I've graduated from bikini to full leg wax as well. My advice would be to first timers is to take a couple of paracetamol or nurofen about an hour before you go to have it done. It really numbs any pain!

Enid Wed 01-May-02 19:51:52

Tinker, yes, it has to grow back for a couple of weeks.

Enid Wed 01-May-02 19:52:34

And DONT get it done the day before or during your period! It's twice as painful.

bundle Wed 01-May-02 19:54:37

or a brandy, fms!!!

Paula1 Wed 01-May-02 20:57:39

the beautician that did mine told me that the right side always hurts more than the left because there are more hairs there. I do it myself now with warm wax and cotton strips, it is all in a kit in Boots. When the hairs grow back they don't all seem to grow back together, so you don't look like spiders legs are escaping!!

jodee Wed 01-May-02 22:28:50

I feel silly asking this - I've always used creams and was thinking of going for a wax job - I understand about waxing around the bikini line and going in as far as you want, but what about the length of hair that's left, does it get a trim, wax or what? (Major embarrassment here!)

bloss Thu 02-May-02 00:44:34

Message withdrawn

Enid Thu 02-May-02 11:32:33

jodee, I trim mine before I go so its as neat and tidy as possible!

SueDonim Thu 02-May-02 14:17:17

Paula1 is the R-hand side pain thing the same even if you're lefthanded? It's true, though the R hand side *is* more painful. One of my eyebrows is sorer to pluck, too. Anyway, I've just booked in for a bikini wax, an eyebrow wax and eyelash tint. Must remember to organise some gas-and-air for the occasion.

jodee Thu 02-May-02 14:36:51

Thanks Bloss and Enid, I'd better get the shears out of the shed then!

SueW Thu 02-May-02 15:00:30

Not just the secret life of women. I had a conversation about excess body hair with a group of gay men a few years ago. They were very particular that hair, where it existed/was allowed to exist on their body, was just so!

debster Thu 02-May-02 16:23:10

I admit to having my pubes buzzed with a pair of clippers by my dp. He always seems keen to do it - I'm not sure why though! I'm too much of a coward about the pain to go for the waxing option but I find having them trimmed with the clippers is enough to keep them under control.

SueDonim Thu 02-May-02 17:03:55

Doesn't that give you stubble rash, Debster?? Shaving or clipping always brings me out in gruesome spots!

Paula1 Thu 02-May-02 19:41:37

Suedonim, the right hand side is something to do with the way blood flows around your body (allegedly, there are actually fewer hairs on the left hand side of my bikini line - and that is why!)

debster Mon 06-May-02 20:19:00

No I've not had stubble rash but then I don't have really thick pubes. They're thin and straggly so a quick going over with the clippers keeps them neat and tidy! I must admit I never thought I'd end up discussing my pubes with complete strangers. Probably why I'm not keen on going on a Mumsnet meet-up

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