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Is it possible to buy new wheels for a Maclaren buggy?

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Aderyn Wed 29-Nov-06 19:53:29

Last time I tried to look this up on the Maclaren sight, I didn't uncover any useful information. Does anyone know?

We've had our Maclaren Quest 3 years. It's in great condition except the back wheels are worn right down. I'd like it to last another 3 years but it won't if I cannot get new wheels.

BettySpaghetti Wed 29-Nov-06 19:56:27

We've got that problem with ours too -I tried Googling ages ago to find out about spares but couldn't really find anything of help.

I think the nearest I got was that you should contact your nearest approved Maclaren repairers (think that was from the maclaren website). I gave up and didn't bother doing anything about it.

Aderyn Wed 29-Nov-06 19:58:45

I meant site, didn't I.

mumatuks Wed 29-Nov-06 20:01:11

there is a company in Colchester that are excellent, they really tried to help me with my Loola, but couldn't (not their fault, it was a Loola thing) If I remember the name I'll pass it on as they service all types of buggies.

Bluebear Wed 29-Nov-06 20:13:29

We couldn't find any when our Techno wore out - was fine except for wheels..In the end we had to bin it and get a new buggy

BettySpaghetti Wed 29-Nov-06 20:17:56

It seems to be a real design fault with Maclaren -I often notice, when out and about, that the wheels on everyone elses are knackered too.

misdee Wed 29-Nov-06 20:19:04

yes maclaren wheels are very easy to wear out,

tbh, even if you can get spares, it often works out cheaper to bu ya new buggy

Aderyn Wed 29-Nov-06 20:34:04

Oh no! How appalling that it doesn't appear to be easy to replace wheels. It would be criminal to throw this pushchair in the landfill when everything but 2 of the wheels is in perfect condition.

Aderyn Wed 29-Nov-06 20:34:30

I will write to Maclaren and see what they advise

misdee Wed 29-Nov-06 20:34:54

are the wheels removable, or are the riveted on?

Kidstrak Wed 29-Nov-06 20:40:22

Aderyn i tried to buy new wheels for my xt and it was £40+ for a full new set then whatever they charge for fitting them, i could of bought the spares from the shop i bought my buggy, they can also give you Maclarens telephone number to call yourself.

KTeepee Thu 30-Nov-06 13:33:31

I need new wheels for my XT too - it has been in the shed since the summer holidays. I am currently using a M&P which I have borrowed but don't really like it. Ds is too old now to justify buying a new buggy but if I could get the Maclaren fixed for a reasonable price I would. The shop I bught my buggy from seems to have closed down so if anyone has any telephone numbers, etc I would be grateful!

Kidstrak Thu 30-Nov-06 14:54:17

if you can find a shop stocking any maclaren pushchair they will have the telephone number for Maclarens, the shop may even order them in for you and get them fitted for you! Mothercare may even do it now as they stock xt's, i had to know my model make and colour when making enquiries

TheBlonde Thu 30-Nov-06 17:43:10

Maclaren Customer Service
00 44 (1) 327 841 320


service agents

BettySpaghetti Thu 30-Nov-06 19:44:06

If anyone actually manages to get a price for replacement wheels for a Quest I'd be interested to hear how much.

aderyn Fri 01-Dec-06 09:23:12

I plan to do so today. I have a Quest. I will let you know.

TheBlonde Wed 13-Dec-06 22:15:08

aderyn - did you manage to get any new wheels?

TheBlonde Tue 27-Mar-07 11:43:19


Did anyone get new wheels in the end?

KTeePee Tue 27-Mar-07 11:50:11

Well I was about to send mine back to Maclarens for new wheels but they said they could only do this if they also ensured that the whole buggy was up to current days standards - given that the buggy is about 4 yrs old now, I decided that they would probably have to do extra work on it so it wouldn't be cost effective.... I thin k to do the wheels alone was going to be around £30.

FioFio Tue 27-Mar-07 11:51:16

Message withdrawn

NannyL Tue 27-Mar-07 18:29:40

you used be able to get spare wheels.

I know cause my dad has STILL got the old wheels from my / my sisters maclern from 25 years ago!

we got through 3 sets of wheels in total.... but then i insisted on being pushed in a buggy until i was 5+

TheBlonde Sat 22-Dec-07 15:44:28


Thinking about just ditching my Quest and buying a new triumph....

Still not seen any spare wheels anywhere

Jlt123 Sun 30-Mar-14 05:43:54

I know this is an old thread but wanted to post a link in case anyone else finds it useful. The back wheel came off my maclaren quest recently. I contacted maclaren who gave me a list of spare part suppliers but they were all out of stock and/or really unhelpful. After lots if googling/ringing (and searching on eBay), I found these guys:

Really nice on the phone. They will post the wheels out to you (much cheaper than on eBay) but explained that it's a bit if a job to change them, so instead they arranged for overnight courier of the buggy to them (20 quid total) and I paid 20 quid to have them do it. They replaced all the back wheels and gave the buggy a general check up, all in 5 days. Definitely recommend them!

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