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MOTHS - slowly eating their way through my carpets

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Posey Tue 04-May-04 20:22:21

Title says it all really. The bl**dy things are eating our carpets, which have a high wool content. We've got huge bald patches, mainly where the carpet meets the skirting board
Have tried a creepy-crawly spray, and a product from Betterware, but they still keep on.
I think we'll have to replace at least the living room carpet, but want to make sure we are really rid of them before bringing in a new carpet.

Can anyone help please, I'm really desperate.

pollyanna Tue 04-May-04 20:30:16

We had moths - called the local council who came and sprayed everywhere and the moths haven't come back. I did have to pay, but it wasn't alot.

Posey Wed 05-May-04 21:29:00

Thanks Pollyanna. Will get onto the council pronto.

BTW I love your name. Is it real or were you a fan of the books?

pollyanna Wed 05-May-04 21:41:59

No problem Posey - hope it works

Thanks - it isn't my real name, both dh and my mum suggested it as my knickname as they think I am a bit of a pollyanna! (not sure that was a compliment!).

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