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Am I wrong to wait until six months to wean?

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Berrie Fri 23-Apr-04 14:07:59

I am trying to wait until my 5 month old is 6 months before I start to wean him as recommended by the DFH but feel very pressured to start earlier. Part of me would love to start giving him new foods but I'm worried about the associated health risks of earlier weaning. I'm not being too dogmatic about it, I would start tody if I thought he was hungry but the health visitor thinks that as his weight gain rate has levelled out I should start (mind you they've been telling me that since he was 3 1/2 months old! He wakes hourly through the night, but I think that this is because he can't get to sleep himself rather than because he is hungry as he doesn't feed this often during the day. Am I wrong?

aloha Fri 23-Apr-04 14:20:34

I think he's waking out of habit during the night and doubt that weaning would help. Didn't help my ds sleep when he had a sleep pattern nearly as gruesome as yours. What happens when he wakes in the night? Do you feed him every time he wakes?

aloha Fri 23-Apr-04 14:21:10

BTW, I very much doubt you would do any harm whatsoever by weaning now...but I don't think it will provide a magic answer to the sleep issue either.

frogs Fri 23-Apr-04 14:22:33

Hi Berrie

There was a thread going on just this topic here and another one that I started here .

FWIW, I've decided to follow the advice of wise mnetters and ignore my HV's advice, or rather avoid it by not having dd weighed, and carry on bfeeding exclusively until 6 months or until my dd shows clearly that she wants more (she's now 4 months).

I am a little bit concerned about the fact that she's smaller than either of my other two were at the same age despite being similar birthweights, but reassure myself that if she was being underfed she wouldn't (a) be sleeping through the night and (b) be content and smily during the day. Also, her weight gain has been slow since birth, so it can't be just a weaning thing.

I'm rather shocked by how negative HVs are about exclusive breastfeeding; considering what a central part they play in primary care for babies they really ought to be more supportive.

On a lighter note, part of me just wants to put off weaning as I can't face the disgusting post-weaning nappies. Yup, I really am that shallow...

mears Fri 23-Apr-04 14:29:18

If you can get to 6 months that would be ideal. Be prepared for constant criticism though becuase not everyone is well versed on the guidance. I did it 10 years ago and got hassle from my HV. It is not a new recommendation - it just has got more publicity recently. Our hospital is now changing the printed information leaflets for paremts advising them of the benefits of breastfeeding exclusively till 6 months. Stick with it

Berrie Fri 23-Apr-04 15:05:42

Thanks for your advice everybody. Today I am feeling closer to giving in than ever before. I had him weighed on Monday I told her that I was trying to wait but she was very persistent. I asked if there were any health risks associated with his current weight and she said not. I decided that I would'nt go back to have him weighed next week but unfortunatly he has to see the Doctor there and part of that appointment will be a weight check!!
Aloha, I do feed him every time I'm afraid. We did intend to try to be strong over Easter while my husband was not at work but unfortunatly come 2 in the morning, I couldn't take the screaming. Since then, he sleeps in with me which means I get a much better night but I am noticing that I can't get him down for a nap during the day as easily any more, I don't know if bed sharing is the reason for this?

aloha Fri 23-Apr-04 15:32:02

How do you feel about the night waking. If you don't mind, then don't change. If it's hideous, my suggestion is to space the feeds out - don't feed within two hours of the last feed but offer a dummy or a cuddle instead, and gradually space out the feeds so he has fewer at night which will make him feed more during the day.

Berrie Fri 23-Apr-04 15:39:20

Thanks, I'll try to try that. The trouble is,when sleepy I find that I get confused between the time and how long it's been since the last feed e.g. It's 2 o clock, it's been 2 hours...then when happily feeding my brain catches up and I realise it's only been an hour!! I've tried numeroud dummies, he spits them all out!

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