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Madonna sing Wheels on the Bus!

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EmmaM Thu 28-Mar-02 13:17:35

Check out this website (you'll need sound to fully appreciate it)!

Someone has done a spoof Madonna animated video where she sings Wheels on the Bus to the tune of Ray of Light.

Its very funny.

Sorry, can't do the link, but the address is

winnie1 Thu 28-Mar-02 14:00:51

EmmaM, thanks for that! Lol

Paula1 Thu 28-Mar-02 16:38:07

The group are called Mad Donna, they play the vid on MTV quite a lot!!

Snugs Thu 28-Mar-02 18:06:28

They are releasing the CD in the UK on April 1st!

sobernow Thu 28-Mar-02 19:56:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Willow2 Thu 28-Mar-02 22:44:50

Not really the same topic - but have heard a tape called "Angel on your pillow" which is aimed at kids and parents - (if that's possible). Not nursery rhymes, more modern day lullabies - very gentle on the ear, very soothing to kids. Think it's sold on the web. The kind of thing that you could play on long car journeys without going mad.
Thought i'd mention it. Must check out the Madonna thing though.

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