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Calling all teachers....

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jennifersofia Thu 01-Apr-04 22:26:06

I am in a bit of a dither as to what to do about my application (for primary teacher training). Does it really matter where you trained? Is it worth my while to delay a year and reapply to the Institute of Education (in London) or would it be better just get on with it and do the PGCE elsewhere, such as London Metropolitan?
How important is in in relation to future employment prospects? Can anyone shed light on the matter?

cazzybabs Thu 01-Apr-04 22:40:34

Don't know the answer but here's my thought...

possibly - not very helpful. Guess it depends where you train...there are very good places and really not so good places. But at the end of the day its really only your NQT year that might be affected because after your first job it'd going to be that that will affect the rest of your career. But I reackon that so long as your placements were successful, your referecnes good and you interview well then no. All teacher trainning places are inspected by OFSTED so they all meet a min. standard. And to be honset what will affect your trainning if your school mentor when on TP. I went to Homerton, which is supposed to be one of the best places to train, and I had friends you had rubbish mentors who offered them no support, went off and left them when really they should have been offering more advice....

so unless you have really high ambitions to be a high flying goverment advisor then I doubt it...

Did you get rejected from IOE or are you late - because I thought applications for primary PGCE's closed in Dec...but could be wrong?

sashaboo Thu 01-Apr-04 22:40:35

Am not a teacher but work in education... I know the IoE is very highly thought of, difficult to get in and teacher friends who went there said the PGCE was really tough as they have to set the standard.

Then again, they might have more job openings with 'better' (in terms of competition among teachers looking for jobs) schools.

Sorry not very coherent - new baby, it's late, etc.

Copied the below from the Telegraph

Is there a league table of teacher training institutions?

Yes, although the Teacher Training Agency would rather keep it secret. The internet address, which you won't find signposted on the agency's website, is: For a printed copy of the table, write to: TTA Publications Unit, PO Box 3210, Chelmsford, CM1 3WA.

jennifersofia Fri 02-Apr-04 13:05:06

It isn't that I got rejected (yet!) it is just that they have had such a backlog of applications that they have kept mine indefinitely. At this point I have got an interview date with them but will most likely be put on a waiting list. I am trying to decide if I should default on my first choice (IOE) and nominate a second choice. Of course places are being taken up as we speak.
Thanks sashaboo for the league table website, I will look that up.

Hulababy Fri 02-Apr-04 20:17:05

I only know from where I have worked. I worked at one very very good school in Derbyshire, and one not so great in Doncaster. I have applied for a few jobs in my teaching time and got several interviews, getting a job wihin 1-2 interviews each time, and turning others down. I got my teaching degree from Manchester Met. It has NEVER held me back. I haven't heard of the IoE - sorry, can't help there.

TBH most areas have shortages of teachers anyway and are greateful to get any applications.

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