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Annoying pop up add have just started

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windypops Mon 22-Mar-04 08:44:45

I have windows XP and recently adds keep popping up on my computer and as soon as I get rid of it another one appears, I often have 3 or 4 in a row.

Anyone know how to get shot of these as they are driving me nuts, some suggested closing the port or something, but as I am not brilliant on computers I would not know where to start.

twiglett Mon 22-Mar-04 08:56:30

message withdrawn

HiddenSpirit Mon 22-Mar-04 19:07:53

windypops it sounds like you've got some spyware on your pc. Are the pop ups happening when you visit a certain site? Or are they popping up even when you don't have your browser open?

You can download Spybot Search & Destroy here . When you install and run this it will search for any adware/spyware on your pc and will show you a list of adware/spyware on your pc. I recommend that the ones it brings up with a red box with a check in, you "fix". The ones it brings up with a green box without a check are not harmful (i.e. adware/spyware) and these can be left unchecked if you are unsure

AussieSim Mon 22-Mar-04 19:34:36

Thankyou Twiglett - they've been driving me mad too. I get some pop ups that tell you about where to go to get rid of them and when you follow their instructions you usually end up being asked to pay. Thanks again!

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