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Bye for now!

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harman Sat 13-Mar-04 08:22:36

Message withdrawn

SoupDragon Sat 13-Mar-04 08:34:30


Pop back now and again to let us know how you are!!

Janstar Sat 13-Mar-04 08:46:33

Harman, why now do you think it's a good time to stop mumsnetting? You are not here only to help others, but to receive support yourself too.

It sounds to me like you need others to give you support right now, so please keep on posting.

Your intention to build your relationship with your kids sounds really constructive. I was 'hideous' when pregnant too, but I was so miserable and horrible to everyone because I just hated every minute of the 'occupation'. Much sympathy to you - but please don't try and go through this hard time alone. We are here for you.

fisil Sat 13-Mar-04 08:51:28

Harman, big hugs. You're nine weeks now, aren't you? That is the shittiest time of pg for me. Can you get completely away - not just from Mumsnet, but from the family too - just for a couple of days, or even just a few hours? Do you know anyone who could help out looking after them all for a short period of time? Surely a bit of quiet time with just you and the bump to chill out and fall in love is what you need? I took 2 weeks off from work at this time last time - but of course that meant an empty house (first pg - and dp at work!) - and it was what I needed to recharge my batteries and get back to the normal fully functioning me!

Lots of love, Fisil xxx

leander Sat 13-Mar-04 08:53:45

Good luck to you Harman,But please keep on posting,If you need some support you know you will always get it here ,If you feel that not posting here may help you get your life back in control then by all means stop but dont hesitate coming back if you need to.
Take care,
leander xx

suzywong Sat 13-Mar-04 09:20:53

Oh so sorry to read you are feeling lousy, so much is going on for you at the moment it must feel really confusing.
You've got my email so if you want to keep in touch please do.
All the best

wog Sat 13-Mar-04 09:23:34

Harman I nearly cried when I read your post - dont make things sound so final, I had a break from mumsnet for about a year and just now I feel that I want to hear about everyone else I dont post all the time I just read - I to have a few problems in my head just now with my dh and my mum and money worries but I find mumsnet comforting so what Im saying is take care of yourself and we all here every day so maybe this is your choice today but if you need us tonight, tomorrow whenever, because you still do need an oulet for yourself, just click in and say hi!!

Take Care PLEASE

tigermoth Sat 13-Mar-04 16:09:25

harmon, hope you work things out for yourself, whatever way it takes you. I think sometimes you just do have to switch off from virtual life for a bit and put all your focus into real life - sometimes I've felt like that, anyway.

I tend to read and post very early in the morning, because then I feel mumsnet talk is not disrupting my real life or my family's life, but as you can see, I don't limit myself to this time only. Sometimes I just revert to reading posts for a while - it's so much quicker for me to read than to write. I hope the clouds lift for you soon and you don't disappear for good.

spacemonkey Sat 13-Mar-04 17:05:32

I do hope you keep posting harman, there's lots of support for you here if you need it. Hugs to you X

bossykate Sat 13-Mar-04 17:16:59

i am pregnant and also hideous! feel dh should be more understanding - he's pretty good, but he hasn't got a f*****g clue, how could he?

anyway, good luck with the situation

Galaxy Sat 13-Mar-04 17:46:13

message withdrawn

Chinchilla Sat 13-Mar-04 20:26:51

Harman - I will email you soon. Sorry I have been so lax. Having had a break for a couple of weeks myself, I know how you feel. Come back when you are ready.

mammya Sat 13-Mar-04 21:33:35

Harman sorry to see you go. Hope things get better for you soon.

BTW that carrot cake was delicious, thanks for the recipe!

eyelash Sun 14-Mar-04 17:09:42

Harman - hope you feel more in control soon. You don't sound self-pitying at all but more somebody who is very aware of what is going on around them and wanting to sort it all out. Best of luck in this.

You will certainly be missed from the October thread as I in particular felt you would be a more experienced mum to pick the brain of in times of crisis.

Hope to see you back soon when you feel ready.

Kayleigh Sun 14-Mar-04 20:02:22

Harman, so sorry to hear that you are having a hard time at the moment. I agree with Janstar that now might just be the time you need mumsnet the most. Please don't go through this alone.

Sending you hugs

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