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Dining table re-vamp

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fairydust Thu 11-Mar-04 18:22:23

I have an old round maghogoney dining table - does any one know how i can give it a new lease of life????

fio2 Thu 11-Mar-04 18:23:54

Put a fancy tablecloth over it?

fairydust Thu 11-Mar-04 18:25:00

trust u

noddy5 Thu 11-Mar-04 18:55:19

Sand it down really well,give it 2 coats of farrow and ball old english white and when completely dry polish with antiquax polish in antique brown and hey presto a french country style table!if you like that sort of thing that is..........

CountessDracula Thu 11-Mar-04 19:42:42

Hang on, how old. Don't go mucking it up if it may be worth something! Get it valued, you never know you may be able to sell it and buy a nice new one with the proceeds.

We once painted what we though was a vile little bookcase (many years ago) only to have my dad tell us it was worth £500 (before painting, about £20 after!!!)

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