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Need a fancy dress costume for DS aged 2...ideas (real first world problem)

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trolleycoin Fri 08-Nov-13 23:47:42

Couldn't find an appropriate topic for this and apologies it is such a first world problem...

DS is going to a fancy dress party and the theme is superheroes. He doesn't know who batman/spiderman etc are - he's only 2 and I didn't really want him to be into all that stuff just yet, in case he then pretends to be batman etc and fling himself of the sofa thinking he can fly!

All the Doctor, Fireman etc costumes are ages 3 and up, so are massive on him.

I was trying to think of a super hero animal or something - plus that way he might get more wear out of a costume.

I know I am way overthinking this - I think I am still scarred for life by having to dress as a strawberry aged 10 blush.

Sam100 Sat 09-Nov-13 00:09:24

How about a "wonder pet"? There was a guinea pig one that just wore a cape. I have no idea if it is still on the tv but google wonder pets and you will get the idea!

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