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Reports of Zombie's demise...

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IamtheZombie Mon 30-Sep-13 16:56:52

have been greatly exaggerated. She may be a wee bit battered and bruised, but she bends and doesn't break.

Most of you probably know her back story but, for those who don't, here's a very brief recap:

The last 2 1/2 years have been absolutely horrendous: family crises, a breast cancer diagnosis and 20 months of treatment for that, bereavements and sorting out her late MIL's estate. As you can imagine, she found it a struggle at times.

Just under a year ago, DZOH began an "inappropriate" on-line relationship with a woman he "met" playing scrabble on Facebook. At the time he was spending most of his time at his mum's house in Nottingham sorting things out and putting it on the market. The on-line relationship fairly quickly progressed to a full blown physical affair. The woman lives in Wales and he would pay her train fare to come to Nottingham to see him. Zombie was fully aware of everything that was going on and tried to do everything she could to save her marriage. He left Zombie in mid-February, first staying in Nottingham before moving in with her in mid-March. He continued to come back to DDS to take Zombie to her hospital treatments. In mid-May he started making reference to coming back to her. He finally did so in mid-August. Two weeks after he came back they went to Kos for a fortnight. Halfway through the holiday he told her that he was leaving as soon as they returned to the UK. Which he duly did on Friday, 13th September.

Zombie went through all the trauma, drama and devastation between October and August. That is behind her. She's relieved that that it is finally over. A few nights ago she realised that she was sitting here completely relaxed and smiling for no reason. It's as though an enormous weight has been lifted from her.

She's currently packing up his belongings, deciding what she needs to replace, etc. He will come with a man and a van in a few weeks time to remove everything. There are obviously other pracicalities to be sorted out but they are doing so in as amicable a manner as possible.

Can Zombie please ask those of you who are Facebook friends with her NOT to say anything publicly on there about any of this.

Onwards and upwards. wink

IamtheZombie Thu 03-Oct-13 22:44:39

Thanks, LemonMousse.

Can someone please explain in words of one syllable why Zombie is a legend? Or what a legend is?

EduCated Fri 04-Oct-13 07:39:34

You is ace.

That enough?

You is ace and does third person.

LemonMousse Fri 04-Oct-13 14:09:33

You make me laugh - you also talk sense - even when you've had shit to deal with smile

BewitchedBotheredandBewildered Fri 04-Oct-13 14:52:58

Hi, how's the sofa hunting going?

IamtheZombie Fri 04-Oct-13 23:37:46

Evening all.

Thanks for the simple explanation, EduCated.

Laughter is good, Lemon.

Zombie hasn't started that yet, BBB. She's going to go to the shop where she and her late DH got their original 3 piece suite when they bought the house in 1992 to have a look one day next week.

Zombie has had a long, busy and very productive day. She was out running around for 9 hours. Well, the last couple of hours she was actually having a lovely visit with her niece. She collected her new vacuum cleaner and for some bizzare reason she decided it was a good idea to start assembling it about an hour ago. 'Tis all done now but it really could have waited until tomorrow.

She had a really good session with her CMHT lady. Apparently Zombie amazes her. Zombie loves that every session ends with a big hug fest.


BewitchedBotheredandBewildered Sat 05-Oct-13 09:57:13

Sounds like a brilliant day.

Very well done assembling the vacuum, trouble is now you'll have to use it!

Amazing what a difference a hug makes ((smile))

Are you redecorating to match all your lovely new things?

IamtheZombie Sat 05-Oct-13 23:03:50

Zombie is saving the treat of using the new VAX until tomorrow, BBB. It faces quite a challenge.

Hugs are at the top of the list of Things that make life worth living.

Zombie will probably have the house repainted inside and out next spring/summer. The house needs a fair bit of maintenance. Well, so would you if you were 210+ years old. wink She'll spend the winter doing what she can and then bring in the professionals to do the rest.

Mintyy Sat 05-Oct-13 23:26:58

I imagine folk like you need a good vacuum cleaner, what with all those bits of rag and loose skin and limbs falling off all the time. Hope your new vax is up to the job Zombie dear.

IamtheZombie Sat 05-Oct-13 23:48:15

Very true, Mintyy. Although Zombie must be careful to pick up and reattach the limbs before she vacuums up the rest. grin

BewitchedBotheredandBewildered Tue 08-Oct-13 01:28:12

I hope Zombie had a lovely, sunny week-end.

We have some very fragile, life-long friends who came for lunch on Sunday, and we went to to watch the sunset.

Amazing how that view, over the sea, can be so moving.

DameDeepRedBetty Tue 08-Oct-13 01:44:25


I KNEW there was something missing from our day to day waffling on... at first I thought it was Hully, but now I realise it was YOU!!!!

Big hugs through all your rather shitty stuff. xxx Betty.

WandaDoff Tue 08-Oct-13 11:07:10

Hope you were ok with your new vax Zombie

Mine caught fire yesterday & has been banished to the garden shock

It wasn't a new one though, I'd had it fora few years.

IamtheZombie Tue 08-Oct-13 13:25:13

It was indeed a lovely weekend, Bewitched. Zombie loves the sea. Sometimes she wishes she lived nearer to the coast.

Thanks, Betty. That's very kind of you.

EEK, Wanda. Zombie hopes no one was hurt. She lurves her new VAX. Even more so once she figured out how to turn it on... She was absolutely amazed at how much it collected in a very short time. It certainly lives up to its promise about pet hair. <Stares hard at the monster shedding ZombieCats>

Zombie's new coffee table was delivered yesterday. Now she just needs to find somewhere to store it out of the way until DZOH collects his and there's someplace to put it.

IamtheZombie Tue 08-Oct-13 17:15:05

Zombie has sofa brochures... grin

PacificDogwood Tue 08-Oct-13 22:00:27

May Zombie sit very comfortably v soon.

Does ZombieCat shed only hair or body parts too? And how does the VAX cope with that? <interested>

IamtheZombie Tue 08-Oct-13 22:22:04

Oh, Zombie is sitting comfortably and will continue to do so, Pacific. It's just that once DZOH collects his furniture she will have space to put in what she wants.

There are 3 ZombieCats. It's mostly hair but they also shed nails. The VAX collected those quite easily as well. Zombie is well impressed.

BewitchedBotheredandBewildered Thu 10-Oct-13 10:02:57

How is Zombie today?
We have lovely sunshine again but it's much colder suddenly.

I hope you will be able to rearrange your house to suit yourself very soonsmile

LackaDAISYcal Thu 10-Oct-13 10:12:29

Just seen this! I'm glad Zombie is coming out of the other side of a shitty time. Good to see her back
thanks, cake & wine to her smile

TanteRose Thu 10-Oct-13 10:14:35


{{huge hug}}

That is all smile


IamtheZombie Thu 10-Oct-13 13:04:11

Afternoon all.

Zombie is well. She has lovely sunshine as well but a bitter wind is blowing. She's been to the hospital for X-rays on her slightly dodgy hip and then on to the GP's Flu Jab clinic this morning. That's her lot of medical excursions for this week.

Thanks, LackaDAISYcal and TanteRose. Zombie is very happy to be back. smile

WetAugust Thu 10-Oct-13 13:07:58

Yay! Zombies are indestructible

QOD Tue 15-Oct-13 18:43:14

Hey zombie, I missed this when I was on holiday, what a nightmare! And more the fool him, when the zombie apocalypse happens, he's now unprotected.
May the teeth of a thousand zombies chomp on his nuts

IamtheZombie Tue 15-Oct-13 19:30:12

Thanks, WetAugust.

Oooh, Zombie hadn't thought of that, QOD. <giggles>

Fiderer Tue 15-Oct-13 19:40:02

Evening Zombie, was thinking of you earlier.

Nowt to do with the darkening afternoons and the soft sweet wet smell of decay and rot in the air.

grin and {{dank hugs}}

Wolfiefan Tue 15-Oct-13 19:44:32

Start a thread with Zombie and demise in the title. Zombies go on forever. It's true.
Serious note. Very sorry for all the awful things you have been through. Brighter skies soon for the one and only fantabulous Zombie.

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