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I have a confession.

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MrsEzioAuditore Wed 25-Sep-13 01:26:18

Today i had to go and see my sons headteacher. The receptionist showed me to a seat but i decided to go and have a look at the photos of "star of the week" on the other side of the lobby (son wasn't on there, the slacker)

Today was also retirement day for the receptionist and she was in the office making sure everything was sorted and the new receptionist knew what she was doing. After school there was a name the teddy ( huge lush teddy) , a little cake sale and a few children singing some goodbye song to the receptionist.

So, these photos were right by the side of the receptionists open door and i overheard a conversation:

Head: So Mrs receptionist, we think it would be a lovely idea if you named the teddy for our Guess the Name competition.

Receptionist: Oh what a lovely thought. I know... lets call him Eric.

Guess who was first in the queue for name the teddy?
Guess who has a giant 3ft bunny sitting on her kitchen chair?

Will Jesus ever forgive me?

BOF Wed 25-Sep-13 01:28:50

No. You have a rotten fetid soul.

Chottie Wed 25-Sep-13 01:29:55

Well, it's not up there with being an axe murderer, so I would just suck up that guilt feeling every time you look at Eric. As a matter of interest, do you really want a 3ft soft toy in your kitchen? you could always give it to a children's home or hospital or hospice?

MrsEzioAuditore Wed 25-Sep-13 01:32:38

I've given it to my son. He sat it at the table with a carrot before going to bed. He didnt like the name Eric though, He's called Laval now.

poppingin1 Wed 25-Sep-13 01:39:13

Ooh I wonder if I would have had the guts to do it grin

Mamagoose01 Wed 13-Nov-13 10:52:05

Lol I wud have done the same smile

LEMisafucker Wed 13-Nov-13 10:56:02

The giant rabbit in your kichten will be punishment enough . I mean . You want MORE stuffed toys???

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