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My mother annoys me because.......

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Pruni Sun 04-Jun-06 22:49:10

Message withdrawn

Beauregard Sun 04-Jun-06 22:50:46

my mother annoys me because it's her job

TheMammy Sun 04-Jun-06 22:55:17

She slaps me when she is talking to me.

She nips the soft flabby skin under my arm and leaves bruises.

She swears.

She favours my sisters child over the rest of them, as sis had her when she was 15, but if it had've been the rest of us she would have killed us, and not supported us.

She talks too much

All meant in a good way of course

nannyme Sun 04-Jun-06 22:56:50

Haaaaaaaah! My mum holds her knife like that too...
And she says expresso instead of espresso and ezotic instead of exotic.

There must be more, I shall think on...

TheHonArfy Sun 04-Jun-06 22:57:52

my mother annoys me because I can see that I'm turning into her....

twinsetandpearls Sun 04-Jun-06 22:58:10

I have been waiting 31 years for her to say something nice to me!

Have spent the past two days tidying our house ( even cleaned out the shed, understairs cupbaord and skirting boards FFS!) after she told me that my house was so much nicer when the previous family lived there. She also announced at dinner last week that my dining table was hideous and a bit unsteady so dp and I have sanded it down prepared it for varnishing and fixed its wonky leg, totally reorganized the dining room after she said it felt cramped even ousting a book case and banishing my beloved books to the charity shop.

Anyway Mum came round, told me my house would never be one to be proud off when I let kids run riot in it and asked what one earth I had done to the dining room. She then finished her coffee asked if we were trying to save money by buying a cheaper brand and then left!

twinsetandpearls Sun 04-Jun-06 22:58:55

Yes TheHonArfy that worries me because every now and again I catch myself doing something she does and it terrifies me.

twinsetandpearls Sun 04-Jun-06 23:00:37

One of her most cuting remarks last year was we always knew you were never going to be the attractive one but we always pinned our hopes on you being the successful one - but never mind I am sure one day you will manage something!

twinsetandpearls Sun 04-Jun-06 23:00:56

cutting bot cuting - in no way is my mother cute!

Pruni Sun 04-Jun-06 23:01:18

Message withdrawn

Pruni Sun 04-Jun-06 23:02:41

Message withdrawn

Tommy Sun 04-Jun-06 23:03:37

she's always complaining that we never go and visit her and when we do, she's always out and when she comes to visit us she leaves after an hour saying "Well, I must get on...."

(that obviosuly is just one thing.....I haven't got time for everything )

TheHonArfy Sun 04-Jun-06 23:03:46

she does sound horrid T&P. Actually, none of them on this thread sound great! my mother is not nasty, just infuriating

TheMammy Sun 04-Jun-06 23:04:22

twinsetandpearls... how dare she give your books to charity.. that'd be a hanging offence in this house

nannyme Sun 04-Jun-06 23:07:46

She also says choclit rather than chocolate and toilit instead of toilet and, although not necessarily wrong, thee-etter instead of theatre.

twinsetandpearls Sun 04-Jun-06 23:07:51

She actually isn't a cow, I have spent many years hating her but it is all insecurity and no one has ever loved her so she does not know how to love anyone else. I now feel sorry for her and whereas in the past her comments hurt I now laugh them off. Although it does hurt that she can show love to one of her daughters but not me.

VeniVidiVickiQV Sun 04-Jun-06 23:07:56

My mother mispronounces ALOT of words.

Mostly we cant/dont correct her because she is hard of hearing (but refuses to wear an aid) and she takes it terribly terribly personally.

It particularly annoys me when she says Cellar-Riack (Celeriac).

twinsetandpearls Sun 04-Jun-06 23:10:57

No I gave my books to charity - I do have too many, I have had boxes and boxes sat in the loft so I decided to get rid of some so I could get some books that I love down from the loft.

But I do love my books and although I knew it had to be done it did hurt. It pissed me off that for some daft reason I had taken to heart my Mum's critisism and spent two days trying to impress her and she still found fault. Very sill really as I know she struggles to praise people.

nannyme Sun 04-Jun-06 23:11:49

I don't have any major complaints but god these things f*cking irk me!

Maybe I should start being grateful instead that she only says things stupidly rather than being wicked or cutting???

twinsetandpearls Sun 04-Jun-06 23:14:16

I forgot another one of her great oneliners when I phoned her in floods of tears from the hospital in which I was having a breakdown to tell her my marraige was over she said,
"I always knew you wouldn't be able to keep an attractive man interested in you!"

Or on my wedding day,
"Your sister would have looked beautiful in that dress!"

Pruni Sun 04-Jun-06 23:15:45

Message withdrawn

ghosty Sun 04-Jun-06 23:19:31

Ha ha ... my parents think my DH and my BIL are saints to be saddled with me and my Dsis

When I was suffering from PND everytime I had a cry on the phone to my mum she would listen and then say, "Poor Mr Ghosty, he is so patient!"

CountessDracula Sun 04-Jun-06 23:21:09


I really hope my dd doesn't look down on me because I pronounce the odd word in a bizarre way when I am old

twinsetandpearls Sun 04-Jun-06 23:29:42

The thing that gets me is that my Mum has similar complaints about her own Mum. She thinks she is perfectly reasonable and that I am lucky to have her as she was determined not to re create her own mothers mistakes and be a good mother to us lot.

Well I think the same, I have learnt from my mother how not to behave and my dd is lucky ( most of the time) to have me so maybe I will turn into her.

nannyme Sun 04-Jun-06 23:36:04

CD, I don't know that it is looking down on my mother as such, it is just really, really irritating to an all-consuming degree. Especially as one feels there is a deliberateness to it.

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