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First prize for the blotchiest ever fake tan goes to .....

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Millie1 Wed 24-May-06 20:41:43

moi .

What's the knack? I just cannot get it on without blotches and streaks. Exfoliate ... tick. Moisturise ... tick. Try to apply evenly ... tick. Natural looking tan ... X.

So ladies, can someone please enlighten me .

Thank you!

brimfull Wed 24-May-06 20:44:10

I always mix mine with moisturizer now ,as i usually end up streaky aswell.

Millie1 Wed 24-May-06 21:38:03

Good to know I'm not alone ggirl!

No-one have any tips then??

moondog Wed 24-May-06 21:40:05

Blossomhill swears by applying with a tanning mit 9from Body Shop)
Says it eliminates streaks and blotches.

notsoladyjess Wed 24-May-06 23:31:09

I am the same, sometimes it works a treat (usually if I apply it in the day, i reckon slleeping in it makes it streak a bit). I have always used Christian Dior fake tann which i think is good.

I have a friend who works for Heat so they try everything out and are always fake tanned up, all year round. I asked her what the BEST fake tan was and she says that Bronze velvet is THE BEST one you can get. it is spray on but you can do it yourself at home. look it up in google and you can apparently buy it online too.

I will have to get some as am going to ibiza in july with the girls and surely fat & tanned is better than just fat.

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