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I want to send them all away-selfish or...

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catj Sun 21-May-06 14:02:10

...will it save my sanity?
Dd4 (9wks) has been in hospital since she was 12 days old (She was born with a congenital heart defect but now has feeding issues that are keeping her in). The hospital is 45mins from home so I spend a few days there and a few days at home.
The thing is that every time I come home I am so p!$$&d off at the state of the house. (Not that it was that tidy when dd4 went in!)
What I want to do is send dh and dd's 1,2 & 3 away for a week so I can be on my own and do my own thing (maybe keep dd1 here as she has school).
I don't want to send them far-just the other side of the county will do .

(Not back til weds so if anyone does reply I'm not ignoring you )

moondog Sun 21-May-06 14:28:56

It sounds like a very good idea.
Poor you,how awful that your new baby is sick.
Hope she's better soon.

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