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trace2 Thu 18-May-06 16:11:57

carnt find the link

purpleturtle Thu 18-May-06 16:15:17

this is what you're looking for, I believe.

trace2 Thu 18-May-06 16:18:43

thank you, about how much and what did you get?

purpleturtle Thu 18-May-06 16:21:50

It's £20 for 3 hours lounging around the steam room/sauna/plunge pool bit, and free refreshments in the relaxation room. Very lovely. Highly recommended.

Never had a treatment as such, but other MNers have, and may be able to advise further...

trace2 Thu 18-May-06 16:25:18

yes i was going to go last time, i want to know whats worth it, will bump until hula or yorkie, comes on thank you, the three hours sound great, just want some extras

Yorkiegirl Thu 18-May-06 16:27:21

Message withdrawn

trace2 Thu 18-May-06 16:32:25

so am i better getting a pacage?

katzg Thu 18-May-06 19:58:24

i've done both and enjoyed both!

the 1/2 day package facial/manicure/pedicure/spa wasn't that great to be honest, the manicure and pedicure were just a quick file and paint none of the soaking cuticle stuff.

I had the pregnancy massage and it was fab.

i have also been and just used the spa, the peace and tranquility and the complete lack of children is divine, plus they bring you hot drinks with a lovely little cakey thingy all inc in entry price.

trace2 Thu 18-May-06 20:01:05

i would like a facial, and the spa i think,

katzg Thu 18-May-06 20:03:03

the facial was fab

trace2 Thu 18-May-06 20:07:53

i dont live far away from it, but is there a hotel near,i need a break away from family

Piccalilli Thu 18-May-06 20:16:54

OMG this looks FANTASTIC!! when did Sheffield get all trendy on me? I used to live in Ecclesall, moving from London to Millhouses in June...and I now know what I'm doing to get over the moving stress, so thank you ladies.

trace2 Thu 18-May-06 20:23:16

it does look good eh?

katzg Thu 18-May-06 20:24:35

its not very far from the centre so all central hotels will be ok.

but the nearest hotel would probably be the harley

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