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Anyone been to a butlins bognor adult 80s weekend?!?

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mindermummy Thu 21-Feb-13 15:21:21

I'm going with some friends and we didn't really wanna dress up, but I wondered what everyone would say the % of people dressed up is?!? Are we gonna look silly not dressed up!? Or is there a lot of people that don't ?! Thanks.x

Flossiechops Thu 21-Feb-13 15:23:03

Sorry no but I thought you meant an over 80s weekend and wondered who would want to go!

magnolia74 Thu 21-Feb-13 15:23:48

3 years ago, dressed up one night but normal clothes after that, lots do and some don't. No big deal, just do whatever is comfortable and have fun :-)

mindermummy Thu 21-Feb-13 15:45:39

I can't wait, it's my birthday weekend away with the girls. But was just starting to think maybe we should of sorted outfits...although none of us wanted that.....just didn't wanna look odd ones out if we hadn't , if everyone does!!! X

mindermummy Fri 22-Feb-13 15:41:54

Anyone else been and views on it?!? ;)

jojo1983 Fri 22-Feb-13 15:48:19

I've been to a few some I have dressed up for others I haven't. No one really mind. It's totally up to you, I would wear what u feel comfortable in dressing up or not.
Have a fab weekend smile

MrsFruitcake Tue 12-Mar-13 18:20:37

I went on one a few years back and am going again this summer.

We dressed up for the Friday and Saturday but I'd say Friday is the big night for getting your costume on really.

We did 80s shit chic on the Friday (lairy tutus, legwarmers etc) and army girls on Saturday. Sunday night was dress down night.

Have fun!

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