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Is it me or is everything just S**T (Sorry, longish rant)

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TooMuchCaffeine Mon 05-Nov-12 11:21:19

I live in Northampton, that could have something to do with it. Moved here in 2002 from London. This town is just so crap I feel like I want to pull my toenails out! Half the street lights have been turned off to save money, poor choice of schools, rubbish shopping and ridiculously illogical town planning by ignorant people who don't want to move with the times and locals who are scared of anything "different" or "foreign".

We have a son aged 9, and no family here and are stuck in the house most of the time, unless we do something child-related. Before DS was born, when we weren't doing endless DIY, we went to the local theatre, the odd restaurant, etc. But I guess we never really got the chance to explore what Northampton had to offer before we had DS. If we had we would have probably left sooner. Now DS is in Yr4 at a lovely primary school - which he has been in since Yr2 after we moved him from his first one (well documented in a thread I started last year), and where he is nicely settled. So I feel like we are stuck here in this s**t town certainly until he finished primary school. He is a very bright child and the prospect of looking for a good secondary school for him here in this town, in 2-3 years time, fills me with dread.

DH works and I am at home in the day - supposedly self-employed but can't get regular work in my field, and clients are thin on the ground. I need to read for my work, and focus on marketing, etc but I am so fed up, I just feel like I can't be arsed most of the time.

If I could find a job, that might help, especially fnancially - but most jobs here don't pay very well and I lose my independence in terms of being around for DS after school and during holidays etc - something I found stressful when I was working before.

Like most people we are trying to keep our heads up financially - there is so much we want to do to the house but can't afford to and then we don't really want to stay here anyway so what's the point.

We don't want to/can't afford to move back to London - but I do miss the cosmopolitan London life. DH is 50 and I am 47, and we don't want to load ourselves with a huge mortgage. We just thought that when our finances get better we would take out some money to renovate the house instead, or use that money to go towards a house of equal value, but with the spaces we want.

However we are also flirting with the idea of moving to Milton Keynes, but I feel I might finally go mad if we move there! We have toyed with idea of Birmingham but it doesn't seem to be workable for us - more of the same. I quite like Leicester but DH doesn't - so where on earth can we go?

There is no community here. On my road most people are elderly and in poor health. It is friendly enough but people mostly keep themselves to themselves. My lovely next door neighbour has dementia and I am sure won't be able to live there for much longer on her own, my other neighbour moved away and rents the house to really horrible people. I have some friends from my work, but no-one really close, so leaving here would not be a great loss for me, ditto for DH.

Should we just stay here and tough it out and hope it gets better? We have been here for 10 years and it just seems to be getting worse. I guess i just needed to vent. Thanks for reading sad

TooMuchCaffeine Mon 05-Nov-12 11:30:58

I suppose the question I am asking is is this just a sign of the times and everyone is "stuck" in the same way?

TooMuchCaffeine Mon 05-Nov-12 12:32:35

Ah well ...... never mind ....... skulks off........

OwedToAutumn Mon 05-Nov-12 12:41:49

What about one of the villages? DH and I had a little house in Whittlebury before we got married. That's probably a bit too far for you, but there was a lovely community (back then, anyway.)

googlenut Mon 26-Nov-12 07:45:04

I used to live in a similar type of town-not small enough to have a village feel or big enough to have decent shops and night life. Hated it and we stayed far too long. Moved 5 years ago to a major city in north and the change has been phenomenal. So much more to do and I'm so much happier. And the community feel is actually greater but could be cause we moved from south to north.
So could you move closer to a city? I know how much living in a place with nothing can sap your soulsad

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