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Happy New Year to you all..............

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Twinkie Wed 31-Dec-03 11:15:23

Message withdrawn

popsycal Wed 31-Dec-03 11:16:52

lovely twinkie!!!!!
happy new year to you and your poetic genius!!!

WSM Wed 31-Dec-03 11:17:43

Sweet and mostly true. Happy new year to you too Twinkie

popsycal Wed 31-Dec-03 11:18:04

did you write it??

Twinkie Wed 31-Dec-03 11:19:25

Message withdrawn

popsycal Wed 31-Dec-03 11:20:50

it sounds as though it has been written for mumsnet!!!

JanH Wed 31-Dec-03 11:21:06

Happy New Year and best of luck for 2004, Twinkie - hope everything works out for you!

turnupthebass Wed 31-Dec-03 14:29:51

Happy New year to you all! Work letting us go early today (waiting for the OK to leave now). Have a good night and a wonderful 2004.

verysadmum Wed 31-Dec-03 14:34:44

Perfect peom. A very happy new year to you all and what a year it will be !!

suzywong Wed 31-Dec-03 14:36:21

that's a great poem. Twinkie
I have only been doing this for 6 weeks and I already feel all of the emotions and reasons for doing it outlined in the poem.
I've got a couple of real world projects I need to get on with in the evenings in the New Year and finding the discipline to spend less time on MN is going to be really tough.

Happy Happy New Year to everyone, may it be fulfilling and propsperous.

See you in the bar tonight!

dinosaur Wed 31-Dec-03 15:11:47

Happy New Year everyone! Have a good night tonight!

Hulababy Wed 31-Dec-03 15:26:16

Happy New Year to everyone!!!

GladTidings Wed 31-Dec-03 15:52:48


Happy Hogmanay everyone and I hope you all have a good'n.

KaySleighBells Wed 31-Dec-03 16:20:41

That is such a great poem - and so true. I haven't been around much over xmas and I found myself wondering what you lot were all doing.

Twinkie, I know you have a tough month coming up and I am praying that it all turns out the way you want it to.

Wishing you all a very happy & healthy new year.

tigermoth Thu 01-Jan-04 12:24:19

happy new year everyone!

Off out, but really looking forward to an extended session on mumsnet later today.

Three cheers for mumsnet 2004

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