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How much do you pay the gardener to cut your hedge?

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chickenrice Sun 05-Mar-06 14:29:33

Boring, I know but I need to know how much is reasonable as we need to get our hedge pruned and tidied. It's a mess.We used to do it ourselves in the past but can't now due to an injury.Thanks

zippitippitoes Sun 05-Mar-06 14:31:26

How long would it take I imagine about 7.50 per hour

GDG Sun 05-Mar-06 14:33:10

Hmmm, we pay our gardener £22 a visit and he does a lot in that time including mowing lawn (very large), tidying borders, cutting back hedges and bushes.

chickenrice Sun 05-Mar-06 14:40:31

It used to take my husband two and a half hours max on his own. GDG, sounds like you've got a good deal. How long is a visit? We have had 2 quotes so far and they both want £95 and the other £97 plus VAT for cutting a conifer hedge that is about 10 metres long. I thought that this was quite expensive hence my question.

zippitippitoes Sun 05-Mar-06 14:44:20

I think if you have a regular person they will charge less than a one off, also depends where you live and how out of hand it's got

chickenrice Sun 05-Mar-06 14:51:43

Did tell them that it was to be with a view to maintaining it every year. It's only not been done last year due to a hand injury.

brimfull Sun 05-Mar-06 15:13:30

I think my neighbour paid about £100 .She has a lleylandi (sp) hedge ,it's high enough to need a ladder to do it and about 10 m in length.So your quote sounds similar.

fastasleep Sun 05-Mar-06 15:19:48

I'd love to have a gardener to come and cut my hedge

*runs away giggling like a school girl*

NeverSayNever Sun 05-Mar-06 16:36:29

My DH is a landscape gardener and says the going rate about £20 / £24 per hour per man hope this helps

Thirtysix Sun 05-Mar-06 18:59:07

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

hovely Sun 05-Mar-06 20:56:48

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

fairyjay Sun 05-Mar-06 21:42:43

Don't forget that there is the cost of getting rid of the cuttings.

Thirtysix Sun 05-Mar-06 21:58:45

Hmm Hovely-you are perhaps right but having had a very bad experience with some people of "travelling extraction" I don't always condiser the political correctness of a statement.

chickenrice Fri 10-Mar-06 15:33:10

Thanks everyone for the replies. At least now I have a rough idea of how much it should cost.

Julianlr1 Wed 10-Jul-19 22:33:29

Hello chickenrice,
I know I'm a year late lol your quote for a 10 meter conifer to be cut for just £95 or £97 with VAT both quotes were very cheap, cutting a conifer is more specialised job, one wrong cut could kill area's of the hedge

pepperpot99 Thu 18-Jul-19 19:47:31

"Dodgy gyppo" is racist. I've reported your post, thirtysix.
My gardener charges £17 ph although he's raising his rates soon. That's N London.

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