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Moving to Tunbridge Wells-any tips on ante-natal groups, toddler activity groups, schools etc?

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Honeybunny Wed 14-Nov-01 13:57:38

Have found a house to buy on the outskirts of T Wells, in a place called Rusthall. Yet have now been told by dh work colleague that it's a "bit rough". Having just moved out of Peckham, yup, delboy country, wondered just what this means and are we making a big mistake. Anyone out there live in or around the area to give us any hints or tips?
Secondly, should we go ahead with the move, anyone have any ideas on ante-natal groups, NCT, Active Birth and the like as I'm 16/40 pregnant and don't want to miss out on the opportunity to meet and chat with other mums-to-be? Missed out last time because of the last move! Also have a one year old, any good playgroups or nurseries anyone can recommend. Finally, same goes for schools. Heard lots about the Grammars for 11+ age group, any tips for about which Jr schools to look out for?
Big Thank you in advance. The current owners want us in by Xmas, so quickie responses much appreciated.

Pupuce Wed 14-Nov-01 18:06:07

Hi... I am in TW.
I know Rusthall... it is not that rough I think. You can ring me if you want. Can Mumsnet put us in touch, can they give you my e-mail address ?
There are plenty of classes and things to do. I had both my babies here so I know a little bit of what's availble.

Rhiannon Thu 15-Nov-01 11:59:48

The NCT postnatal coordinator for Tunbridge Wells' number is 01892 681352. She will hopefully be able to help you and give you a few more numbers and details too. Good Luck. P.S You don't have to have a newborn to join the NCT.

Honeybunny Fri 16-Nov-01 16:45:53

Thanks Pupuce, sounds reassuring. Been back again today for another look and like the house even more, so think we'll definitely go for it. Would love to e-mail or chat, nothing worse than moving to a new area and knowing absolutely no-one. How old are your 2 kiddies?
Thanks, too, to Rhiannon, I'll give the number a ring and make contact with the NCT.
Now all I have to do is get on with the packing!! Nightmare. 2 house moves in 4months, not ideal, but nevermind. I love a challenge!

Pupuce Fri 16-Nov-01 18:56:28

DS is 23 months old and DD is 3 months old.
I can recommend some nurseries but don't know much about schools.
DS goes to a music group (Jo Jingles) and I can tell you where the pools are (though I don't go myslef).
Here is my home e-mail address

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