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How do you keep baby in sling dry when also pushing a pushchair?

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franch Thu 13-Oct-05 20:20:22

ie no hands free for umbrella. Waterproof snowsuit seems a bit OTT and hot for this time of year - is there a good alternative?

FrightfullyPoshFloss Thu 13-Oct-05 20:22:07

I want to invent an unbrella that attaches on around your shoulder for pushing pram times! Not ver helpful, sorry.

Posey Thu 13-Oct-05 20:27:48

Dd had waterproof coat and trousers for when we had her in the backpack.

jessicaandbumpsmummy Thu 13-Oct-05 20:29:34

Good question Franch, i wanted to use the sling to start with before transfering the baby into the double buggy, but what does happen when it rains?!

franch Thu 13-Oct-05 20:29:43

Can you get those for newborns Posey? Something with feet would be ideal really

lynny70 Thu 13-Oct-05 20:29:59

Message deleted

WickedWitchOfTheWestCountryLas Thu 13-Oct-05 20:30:47

I put DD inside my coat, I bought a cheap but big raincoat for this very purpose

Papillon Thu 13-Oct-05 20:31:07

I use a bigger jacket.... often nick dh and so the baby goes inside the jacket with me and can stay dry.

franch Thu 13-Oct-05 20:35:26

That'd be helpful lynny. Thought about the big coat thing but surely baby's head still gets wet unless you button the coat all the way up to your chin?! Or do you put some kind of waterproof hat on them?

FrightfullyPoshFloss Thu 13-Oct-05 20:37:27

WCL, it does like to rain rather a lot where you are dosen't it?

lynny70 Thu 13-Oct-05 20:38:09

Message deleted

Posey Thu 13-Oct-05 20:41:04

Dd had some long waterproof trousers. Nice and roomy to go over her trousers and long enough to cover her feet. They came from Gap.
Ds has now got the most amazing rain coat (also Gap but from a carboot). Its truly waterproof with a sweatshirt-type lining so feels soft and not cold. It also has a fantastic hood with a peak on it. Its bright yellow and looks like a fishermans coat. Its ideal.

lynny70 Thu 13-Oct-05 20:45:28

Message deleted

hoxtonchick Thu 13-Oct-05 20:47:13

this is what you need but you might look a bit strange!

lynny70 Thu 13-Oct-05 20:47:17

Message deleted

hunkerpumpkin Thu 13-Oct-05 20:47:25

Wilkinet showerproof cape

I can though

hunkerpumpkin Thu 13-Oct-05 20:48:12


As can Hoxtonchick - and before me

hoxtonchick Thu 13-Oct-05 20:49:39

. only 'cos i was cursing today as we don't have one & both our buggies are broken so poor dd got a little wet.

lynny70 Thu 13-Oct-05 20:50:04

Message deleted

LIZS Thu 13-Oct-05 21:05:56

ds had a rain poncho from Gap.

WickedWitchOfTheWestCountryLas Thu 13-Oct-05 21:22:09

FPF, it certainly does! Yesterday was torrential, the drains burst, we were driving through fords (is that with a double f?) in the village!

My little ones head never got wet, she was in her sling that came up quite high and she usually had a hood on whatever she was wearing and the sides of my coat shielded her from the rain.

PeachyClairPumpkinPie Thu 13-Oct-05 22:26:33

We used to just put baby iinside coat, worked a treat. For showers just lean forwards- works better than you'd think!

sandy1969 Wed 07-Sep-11 11:10:26

Anyone found a long raincoat for age 8 and up? A thin waterproof one for a 5 minute walk to school. I put it on over her other coat when rain is pouring down. We can't handle umbrellas with the school bags. My daughter has been in a muddy puddles one that was great as it went down to her wellies when she started, but it is finally too short for her. She is 6 but in age 8-9 clothes. Just spent 2 hours looking on the web and got nowhere. I hope someone knows of one. Thanks.

sandy1969 Wed 07-Sep-11 11:11:18

sorry i was trying to start a new thread!

jendot Thu 06-Oct-11 18:32:54

I have an umbrella that attatches to the a parasol...but for the pusher...tis great grin

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